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"NRDC Wins Court Victory on Stormwater Pollution in Baltimore" -NRDC

Mar 25, 2019
A federal district court in MD ruled that the U.S. EPA wrongfully denied NRDC's petition to regulate harmful runoff pollution from commercial, industrial, & institutional sites in Baltimore’s Back River watershed.

"You can help prevent stormwater pollution" -Historic City News

Mar 15, 2019
"Stormwater pollution has a significant effect on surface waters and is a major problem in cities all over the country."

"Philadelphia Nonprofits Receive $800K for Environmentally Safe Stormwater Improvements" -Environmental Leader

Mar 14, 2019
Two Philadelphia nonprofit sites have been approved for a total of $800k in green stormwater infrastructure site improvements from the Philadelphia Water Department.

"Toxic algae, polluted waters: Has Florida finally had enough?" -Orlando Sentinel

Mar 06, 2019
"So environmental officials decided to update the state's pollution ... them their efforts to implement statewide stormwater rules were over."

"EPA Should Strengthen the Science in Its Permitting Program for Industry’s Management of Stormwater Pollution, Says Report" -N.A.S.

Feb 27, 2019
The report recommends several ways that EPA can strengthen the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) program to provide its intended environmental protection while balancing the overall burden of monitoring on industry.

“Bill would open 'gaping wounds of pollution' flowing into Indiana waterways, critics say” -Indy Star

Feb 14, 2019
HB 1266 would prohibit cities and other government entities that approve construction projects from requiring erosion control measures "more stringent" than what is required by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

"Green projects key in Lancaster's 'huge task' of meeting EPA stormwater mandates " -Lancaster Online

Feb 11, 2019
Largely because of cost considerations, the city is putting green infrastructure front-and-center in its strategy.

"We have failed to communicate importance of addressing stormwater runoff: Harry Campbell" - Press & Journal

Jan 30, 2019
"Stormwater infrastructure — the system that collects, concentrates and conveys runoff from built areas — is failing and it’s polluting the water we drink, fish and recreate in."

"US EPA shouldn’t gut the Clean Water Act" -The Columbus Dispatch

Jan 21, 2019
Intermittent and ephemeral streams can filter out pollutants headed for larger tributaries and waters that provide drinking water for millions. Allowing them to be destroyed degrades everything downstream.

"Encore completes Vermont’s largest solar canopy using bifacial panels" -Solar Power World

Jan 17, 2019
“This project is a strong example of the forward-looking thinking & action that we need from municipalities, non-profits & other organizations below the national level, to advance the clean energy economy & address the negative impacts of climate change.”

"The City within a Garden" -Next City

Jan 09, 2019
Rain gardens, rainwater harvesting, bioswales, permeable pavement, tree canopies, green space, green roofs and walls, constructed wetlands, and more — to address excess stormwater, excess heat, rising sea levels, and other practical problems.

"Record rains increased pollution in Chesapeake Bay" -The Inquirer

Jan 07, 2019
Record rainfall helped tick up levels of two widespread pollutants in the Chesapeake Bay watershed in 2018, and worried scientists say bigger storms could be the new norm, according to a recent report.

"Stormwater: Finding a solution for Rossville’s pollution" -Catoosa County News

Dec 28, 2018
The city of Rossville has been making efforts to prevent stormwater pollution in the area.

"Eight US states are on track to have their rainiest year on record" -CNN

Dec 18, 2018
78 cities across the United States are on track to have their wettest years on record; at least 16 of those have already broken their yearly records.

"EPA fines Boise Foothills developer for violating Clean Water Act" -Idaho Statesman

Nov 29, 2018
A Boise developer agreed to pay $68,000 in fines after the government said he violated a federal water-pollution law numerous times during construction at a Foothills subdivision.

"After partial victory over Colorado Springs, the EPA and state willing to settle stormwater lawsuit" -The Gazette

Nov 14, 2018
After winning a partial judgment last week in federal court that left Colorado Springs potentially facing hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for stormwater violations.

"Protecting Steep Slopes Is Vital" -The Pulse

Nov 09, 2018
We need strong stormwater regulations to assure our waters stay clean as vacant land for building becomes less available. Excessive water is to be caught on the property on which it falls.

"One hundred and ten liters of urban stormwater cleaned every second" -University of Copenhagen

Oct 31, 2018
A University of Copenhagen researcher has invented a treatment method that is now being used at a large, new wastewater facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. Where stormwater runoff is turned into a clean resource without the use of power or chemicals.

"L.A.'s stormwater is so filthy it's illegal. Measure W would clean it up" -Los Angeles Times

Oct 24, 2018
In a few weeks the voters of Los Angeles County will have the opportunity to address this problem by supporting Measure W, also known as the Safe Clean Water Program.

"Congress Approves America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018" -Water Quality Products

Oct 18, 2018
America's Water Infrastructure Act of 2018 passes Congress, now the bill awaits the president’s signature.

USDA Offers $4B in Funding to Rural Communities, Water Districts to Improve, Rebuild Infrastructure

Oct 15, 2018
The funds can be used to finance drinking water, stormwater drainage and waste disposal systems for rural communities with 10,000 or fewer residents

"Save Our Seas Act of 2018 Signed into Law" -Environmental Protection

Oct 12, 2018
The new law extends the NOAA Marine Debris Program for five additional years and authorizes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to declare severe marine debris events.

"MacLellan Concrete Settlement with EPA Will Reduce Stormwater Pollution at Lowell, Mass. Facility" -U.S. EPA

Oct 05, 2018
The EPA announced a settlement with J.G. MacLellan Concrete Co., that resolves alleged violations of the Clean Water Act.

"EPA Orders Keehi Marine to Reduce Stormwater Discharge Pollution" -Honolulu Star Advertiser

Oct 01, 2018
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered Keehi Marine Inc. to reduce pollution in its stormwater discharges to Keehi Lagoon by November.

"Pittsburgh Has A Stormwater Problem; But PWSA Has A Plan For Schenley Park" -90.5 WESA

Sep 25, 2018
Hundreds of millions of gal. of stormwater flow into Pitt’s sewer system during hard rains, which results in chronic flooding & sewage backups. A massive green infrastructure project slated for Four Mile Run could significantly reduce those problems...

"New Study Tracks Hurricane Harvey Stormwater with GPS" -Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Sep 21, 2018
In a new, NASA-led study, scientists used Global Positioning System (GPS) data to answer that question and to track not just where Harvey's stormwater ended up on land, but also how long it took to dissipate.

"Florence's floods claim more lives, as pollution concerns mount" -Axios

Sep 19, 2018
Hurricane Florence's rains have finally left the Carolinas, but the risks there are growing with rising rivers.

"Stormwater knowledge key to clean water, Rotarians learn" -The Pine Bluff Commercial

Sep 12, 2018
"With Pine Bluff relying on an underground water purification system, it is imperative that residents actively work to keep litter off the streets that can be washed into the storm drains."

"Plastic straw ban? Cigarette butts are the single greatest source of ocean trash" -NBC News

Aug 27, 2018
"Cigarette butts have long been the single most collected item on the world’s beaches, with a total of more than 60 million collected over 32 years."

"Art Project Encourages Public to Think About What's in Their Stormwater" -Magnolia Reporter

Aug 20, 2018
Good pollution management starts with awareness about the issues & prevention education. The goal of DrainSmartUpstreamArt is to raise awareness of the function of storm drains, to help reduce the amount of pollution carried directly into the environment.

"They moved to escape Florida's toxic algae slime. Now red tide has shut down their business." -CNN

Aug 15, 2018
"Toxic algae slime cost Rochelle Neumann's business more than $100,000 two years ago. Red tide may close it for good."

"A Toxic Algae Bloom in Florida is Slaughtering Marine Life by the Masses" -CNN

Aug 03, 2018
Thousands of dead marine animals are piling up on FL's southwest beaches. They're clogging inlets and canals. On some beaches, it's impossible to walk without tiptoeing around the bodies. Conditions are so bad that the governor called an emergency order.

"Transforming Stormwater From A Nuisance To A Necessity" -Pacific Standard

Jul 25, 2018
A conversation with Morgan Shimabuku about municipal stormwater leaders, overcoming barriers, and how better use of stormwater can increase climate change resilience.

"San Diego business using Navy technology to trap stormwater pollution" -TECHLINK

Jul 18, 2018
CA Filtration Specialists has signed an agreement with a U.S. Navy laboratory for water treatment technologies that remove toxic metals from stormwater runoff before they contaminate streams, lakes, and harbor bays.

"How to control flooding in Pittsburgh? Green stormwater management projects like this one will help." -Next Pittsburgh

Jul 09, 2018
A new and environmentally-friendly green infrastructure system in the Upper Hill District is now ready to capture more than one million gallons of stormwater annually.

"Seattle’s Fourth of July fireworks hangover: air and water pollution" -KUOW

Jul 06, 2018
"The next morning, around 100 volunteers with Puget Soundkeeper picked up 553 pounds of fireworks casings and miscellaneous party trash from the surface and shores of Lake Union."

"Q&A: Seattle’s plastic straw ban now in effect; here’s what you need to know" -Seattle Times

Jul 01, 2018
"10 years after it first passed, Seattle’s ban on plastic straws and utensils is now fully in effect. We explain what changes diners will encounter."

"Idaho to take over regulating water pollution from EPA" - New Haven Register

Jun 09, 2018
Idaho will take over regulating pollution discharge into the state's lakes and rivers from the federal government under an agreement signed Tuesday by the head of the U.S. EPA.

"Weekend rain washes 10 million gal. of sewage-contaminated water into Baltimore's Jones Falls" - The Baltimore Sun

May 30, 2018
On Sunday, the heavy rains were washing 10 million gal. of contaminated stormwater into Baltimore’s Jones Falls — one of the largest waste discharges city officials have reported in recent years.

"Comptroller: Sewer, stormwater upgrades crucial for Hudson River, other water bodies" -The Post Star

May 14, 2018
Between 2016 and 2017, officials documented 1,900 overflow events that dumped approximately 6.5 billion gallons of wastewater into 220 water bodies.

"Rain Gardens Can Help Prevent Water Pollution" -- Daily Journal

May 04, 2018
"The unique gardens catch rainwater as it runs off the parking lots and other walkways, filtering it through the soil before pollutants can make it into rivers and streams."

"New Horizons for Market-Based Stormwater Management" -Conservation Finance Network

May 01, 2018
The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that communities must invest $150 billion nationally in the next 20 years in infrastructure to effectively manage stormwater.

"Yale Releases Update to Campus Stormwater Management Plan" -Yale Office of Sustainability

Apr 30, 2018
The update provides examples of sustainable stormwater efforts on campus since the initial plan was released in 2013, and describes strategies for managing stormwater as a resource.

"Coho Salmon Die, Chum Salmon Survive in Stormwater Runoff" -Washington State University Insider

Apr 17, 2018
WSU scientists have discovered that different species of salmon have varying reactions to polluted stormwater runoff.

"When It Rains, It Pours: The Effects of Stormwater Runoff" -State of the Planet

Apr 05, 2018
When rain falls onto the ground, it can do one of two things: flow into the ground and become groundwater, or flow on top of the ground and become runoff.

"With a Green Makeover, Philadelphia Is Tackling Its Stormwater Problem" -YaleEnvironment360

Apr 02, 2018
In a major initiative, Philadelphia is building an extensive network of rain gardens, green roofs, wetlands, and other infrastructure to capture stormwater. The goal is to prevent runoff from overwhelming sewers and polluting waterways.

"Gaza’s Growing Water Pollution Crisis" -Pacific Standard Magazine

Mar 15, 2018
Israel's blockade of the small Palestinian enclave combined with internal governmental disputes has exacerbated the issue to critical levels.

"EPA plan seeks cuts in phosphorus pollution that causes algae masses in Lake Erie" -Chicago Tribune

Mar 09, 2018
The U.S. EPA called for stepped-up efforts to reduce nutrient pollution that contributes to algae blooms in Lake Erie but recommended no new federal regulations to accomplish the task.

"Some fear 3M water pollution settlement money won't go far enough" -MPRnews

Feb 22, 2018
An $850m settlement is aimed at helping east metro cities with new treatment plants and other projects reduce a chemical produced by 3M. But some say the agreement may not go far enough to reduce the risk they say exists in their water supplies.

"Jack Daniel's, Other Whiskey Makers Wrestle with Water Pollution Rules" -USA Today

Feb 20, 2018
Jack Daniel's and George Dickel exceeded their limits for chlorine and other pollutants that can harm aquatic wildlife. After investigating the violations, the distilleries traced the problems to broken or inadequate machinery and faulty testing.

"Toxic Stormwater Kills and Debilitates Salmon" -Technology Network

Feb 15, 2018
Washington State University researchers have found that salmon face a double whammy when they swim in the stormwater runoff of urban roadways.

"Swapping Stormwater Stories" -Landscape Architecture Magazine

Jan 24, 2018
In 2014, 22 billion gallons of untreated sewage and stormwater made its way into the Great Lakes. This stormwater degraded the rivers and streams it flowed through and caused flooding in areas where hard surfaces terminally halt its infiltration.

"U.S. Waterways Are Getting Dangerously Saltier, Study Finds" -The Weather Channel

Jan 15, 2018
A new study shows much of the road salt we use in winter ends up in our waterways -- and eventually, our drinking water supplies.

"Winter road salt, fertilizers turning North American waterways increasingly saltier" -National Science Foundation

Jan 10, 2018
New findings show need for better regulation of road salt, fertilizers and other salty compounds

“As L.A. soaks, USC Village puts stormwater collection system to use” -USC News

Jan 09, 2018
Hardly a drop is wasted as elaborate system gathers runoff, removing debris and contaminants in the process

"Millions of gallons of Portland sewage still overflowing into Casco Bay" -Portland Press Herald

Jan 07, 2018
The city and several other coastal Maine communities have made significant strides in undoing the problem, but it's 'going to take decades' to fix.

"Reports of Sewage Overflows on the Rise" -Observer-Dispatch

Dec 18, 2017
“We think accurate reporting is really important for the public because they have the right to know when a sewage overflow is happening and the extent of the pollution,” said Liz Moran, water & natural resources director for Environmental Advocates of NY.

EPA backs Colorado’s plan to improve water quality with $24.9 million in water infrastructure funding

Dec 08, 2017
“Investing in our nation’s water infrastructure is one of EPA’s most fundamental priorities,” said Doug Benevento. “These projects will ensure that the state and its communities are providing clean and safe water to all the residents of CO.”

"How North Point Lighthouse Fights Pollution" -Urban Milwaukee

Nov 27, 2017
Working with MMSD to reduce polluted runoff, keep the beach and lake clean.

"Tunnels In Hartford, Providence Aim To Curb Water Pollution, At A Cost" -RI NPR

Nov 17, 2017
This subterranean project will take years, cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and the hope is, result in cleaner water for the CT River and the Sound. A similar project has improved pollution but raised prices significantly for sewer customers in RI.

EPA Awards Buzzards Bay and Mass. Bay with Funding to Improve Water Quality

Nov 16, 2017
The Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program received $632,000 and the MassBays Estuary Program $622,500 under the federal Clean Water Act. These estuaries are among six(6) designated estuaries of national significance in New England.

EPA Awards $12.3 Million to State of Iowa for Critical Water Projects

Nov 15, 2017
The U.S. EPA Region 7 has awarded $12,326,000 to Iowa’s drinking water revolving loan program funds to help finance improvements to water projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environment.

"On Either Side of Niagara Falls, When it Rains, it Pours Sewage and Stormwater" -The Buffalo News

Nov 13, 2017
"An estimated 800 million gallons of untreated sewage and stormwater have flowed into the Niagara River from the American and Canadian sides so far this year, eight times more than last year."

"Study Predicts Where Toxic Runoff is Killing Coho" -Kitsap Sun

Nov 02, 2017
The model created for the study combined data from field surveys of 51 spawning areas — It predicted 10 to 40 percent of coho returning to spawn in many Kitsap streams will succumb to toxic runoff.

"Johor restores water supply after weekend disruption due to ammonia pollution" -TODAY

Oct 30, 2017
Water supply in Johor has been restored, the state’s water supply operator SAJ Ranhill said after pollution from high ammonia levels in the Johor River forced three water treatment plants to temporarily shut down over the weekend.

EPA awards nearly $900K in wetlands grants to help grow PNW state and tribal wetland programs

Oct 21, 2017
These Wetland Program Development Grants provide tribes, interstate agencies and local governments with funding to develop and refine comprehensive state, tribal, and local wetlands programs.

EPA awards Colorado $1.3 M to improve and protect Arkansas River water quality

Oct 20, 2017
EPA partners with CDPHE to address selenium pollution in the Arkansas River watershed

EPA awards Idaho almost $15 million for critical water project loans statewide

Oct 19, 2017
The U.S. EPA announced today that it is awarding $14.6 million to Idaho’s clean water and drinking water revolving funds to help finance improvements to water projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environment.

"Environmental Update: Prevent Pollution During the Rainy Season" -The Davis Enterprise

Oct 12, 2017
With the arrival of fall, the wet season begins in California, bringing rains that recharge your garden. When enough rain falls, it saturates the ground and creates runoff, which flows into the city’s stormwater collection system.

U.S. EPA awards $5.2 million to protect and restore San Francisco Bay

Oct 11, 2017
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded about $5.2 million for water protection and restoration projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.

"John Erb: Detroit can take the lead in green infrastructure" -Detroit Free Press

Oct 09, 2017
"Green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) is a promising solution. And GSI is not just a solution to water quality. Its triple bottom line benefits can beautify our communities, create jobs and improve our health and quality of life."

"UConn works to protect local streams" -The Daily Campus

Oct 05, 2017
The University of Connecticut is implementing green roofs that provide a striking solution to stormwater pollution, Dr. Julia Kuzovkina, a professor of ornamental horticulture at UConn, said.

EPA awards $18 million to state of Alaska for critical water projects

Sep 18, 2017
EPA is awarding more than $16 million to Alaska’s drinking water and clean water revolving loan program funds to help finance improvements to water projects that are essential to protecting public health and the environment.

"Report: TX Cities Need Policies to Control Stormwater Runoff" -Public News Service

Sep 15, 2017
Rain is the lifeblood of Texas, but a new study shows that when there's too much of it, the state's major cities need to do more to prevent stormwater damage.

"What to do when the Waffle House closes: Advice from an Irma evacuee" -Huffington Post

Sep 11, 2017
Stormwater pollution and potential sewage overflows means much of the water pulsing throughout the region could be contaminated and carrying a toxic stew of chemicals. These chemicals can come from our homes and garages, as well as waste and mining sites.

"Houston's Flood Is a Design Problem" -The Atlantic

Aug 29, 2017
It’s not because the water comes in. It’s because it is forced to leave again.

"Heavier Rainfall Will Increase Water Pollution in the Future" -National Geographic

Aug 23, 2017
Researchers anticipate harmful nitrogen outputs to increase as a result of precipitation changes.

"115 Rain Gardens Constructed in these Flushing Spots to Reduce Pollution" -QNS

Aug 22, 2017
The rain gardens are also designed to reduce air pollution as well as work in conjunction with the area’s traditional sewer system.

"Wet Weather Tests Burlington Rain Gardens" -Burlington Free Press

Aug 16, 2017
When rain swamps a city street, many people are relieved to see the torrent funneling down the nearest storm drain. Jenna Olson, who manages Burlington's stormwater program at the Department of Public Works, is not among them.

EPA Awards Kansas $2.9 Million for Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Program

Aug 09, 2017
U.S. EPA Region 7 has awarded approximately $2.9 million to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to address nonpoint source pollution.

"UK Needs Bottle Deposit Scheme to Cut Plastic Litter in Oceans" -The Guardian

Aug 06, 2017
Plastic marine litter could be cut significantly if the government adopted a bottle deposit scheme as part of five key actions to tackle pollution of the oceans, a green thinktank has said.

New tool developed by Stanford engineers helps parched regions plan how to replenish aquifers

Aug 04, 2017
Stanford environmental engineers have developed a planning tool called AquaCharge that helps urban water utilities develop efficient, cost-effective systems to replenish aquifers.

"Stormwater rules help create a growing number of jobs" -Bay Journal

Jul 31, 2017
All six Bay states and D.C. have committed to taking the steps needed by 2025 to make sufficient reductions in nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment flowing into the Bay. The cost of MD’s cleanup will be $14.45 billion, according to UMD.

"Lack of Correct Stormwater Permits & Other Violations Lead to Hefty Fines for CA Manufacturers" -Environmental Leader

Jul 25, 2017
"Two California-based plastic product manufacturers have agreed to pay penalties for Clean Water Act violations, including failing to operate with the proper stormwater permit"

New San Francisco 49ers Stadium Scores Big with BioMod® Stormwater Management System

Jul 17, 2017
"To handle stormwater runoff from the parking lots, access roads and other hardscapes surrounding the stadium, project manager GHD Engineering selected stormwater collection and natural treatment system manufactured by Oldcastle® Precast."

"These Are The Places In The U.S. That Will Be Soaked By Climate Change First" -Fast Company

Jul 15, 2017
Low-lying coastal areas are going to start seeing flooding every couple of weeks–even though there is no rain or extreme weather. Get ready to get wet.

"As City Infrastructure Ages, Property Owners Seek New Ways to Manage Storm Water Runoff" -Environmental Leader

Jul 14, 2017
As environmental regulations on how storm water runoff is handled tighten, property owners are increasingly becoming pressed to manage runoff in innovative ways – or face higher fees from cities and municipalities.

EPA Takes Action To Protect Water Quality In Puerto Rico

Jul 13, 2017
"The EPA is working to reduce the amount of pollution entering water bodies. Complying with stormwater regulations helps to protect receiving bodies of water, that eventually discharges into the Caribbean, thus protecting coral and marine habitats."

EPA, U.S. Army Move to Rescind 2015 "Waters of the U.S."

Jun 28, 2017
The EPA, Department of Army, and Army Corps of Engineers (the agencies) are proposing a rule to rescind the Clean Water Rule and re-codify the regulatory text that existed prior to 2015 defining "waters of the United States" or WOTUS.

"Stormwater flooding in South Carolina an expensive problem and a hot issue" -The Post and Courier

Jun 20, 2017
"Statewide, the science of stormwater management is catching up with the development that’s occurred," said Eric Larson, board president for the S.C. Association of Stormwater Managers.

"New Design Guide Offers Stormwater Solutions" -Next City

Jun 16, 2017
"The conventional method is to just convey stormwater off the street and into sewers and treatment plants. It’s very expensive and separates water from natural ecology. Sustainable stormwater infrastructure wants to capture and re-use the water."

"How Do Water Boards Regulate Surface Water Pollution?" -EfficientGov

Jun 11, 2017
Public or private facilities that discharge to rivers, lakes or streams must have discharge permits. Water boards regulate discharges and stormwater runoff.

EPA Releases Green Infrastructure in Parks: A Guide to Collaboration, Funding, and Community Engagement

Jun 09, 2017
This guide is intended to encourage partnerships between park agencies and stormwater agencies aimed at promoting the use of green infrastructure on park lands.

Organizations Across the Country Seek to Improve Water Infrastructure, Grow Local Economies

Jun 07, 2017
In response to its Notice of Funding Availability, the WIFIA program received 43 letters of interest from prospective borrowers for water infrastructure projects across the country. In total, prospective borrowers requested $6 billion in WIFIA loan.

"With just a drip of funding for stormwater capture, LA County weighs property tax" -L.A. Daily News

May 31, 2017
Looking to tap property owners, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved moving forward with a plan to consider a parcel tax to help fund an ambitious stormwater capturing system to bolster local drinking water supplies.

"Stormwater Management: Lessons from Our Forests" -Sightline Institute

May 19, 2017
A new report recommends biomimicry-inspired design elements for cities to wrangle their rainfall.

"Polluted Urban Pond Marches Toward Revival" -ecoRI

May 09, 2017
During the past decade thousands of people, most notably local children, have come together to honor a long-abused pond. (UPP Arts)

"How Green Infrastructure Manages Stormwater, Enhances Property Values" -Urbanland

May 05, 2017
“The development community is addressing the challenge of stormwater management with creative solutions that are not only conserving water, but also adding value and appeal to real estate projects across the nation.”

"9,000 Mussels Deployed to Fight Pollution in DuPage River" -Chicago Tonight (WTTW)

May 03, 2017
A west suburban forest preserve is dispatching an army of freshwater mussels this spring to clean up contaminated waters.

"Why Smart Cities Are Turning Themselves Into Sponges" -POLITICO

Apr 24, 2017
Nearly 800 cities have problems with overflowing sewers. They’re using green techniques to keep the water from ever reaching the drain.

"The World's Greenest Island"

Apr 17, 2017
How a group of gritty farmers turned Samsø, Denmark, into a premier global model of renewable energy.

"EUSD Celebrates Groundbreaking of Stormwater Project" - The Coast News Group

Apr 11, 2017
Students of El Camino Creek Elementary’s SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan) Team celebrate the groundbreaking of a project that will do their part to improve the environment on Wednesday. Photo by Aaron Burgin

"A Green Infrastructure Guidebook for City Planners" -CityLab

Apr 10, 2017
This new online resource showcases how communities across the country have successfully mitigated the effects of extreme weather by relying on green infrastructure.

"Schools trading the blacktop for greentop as an innovative way to teach science" -Los Angeles Daily News

Apr 03, 2017
Some students in California don’t have to take field trips to parks or national forests for environmental education – they just open their classroom door.

"Lima's master plan for green infrastructure" -GreenBiz

Mar 31, 2017
Lima is returning to nature by diverting 1 percent of water fees to restore Andean forests, grasslands and wetlands that provide critical "ecosystem services" such as regulation of water flows.

"Providence Forced to Invest in Stormwater System" -ecoRI News

Mar 19, 2017
Mayor Elorza recently signed an agreement with the Rhode Island Dept. of Environmental Management (DEM) to bring the city’s stormwater management system into compliance with its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit.

"Don’t want to swim in a stormwater polluted ocean? That’ll be $150 million, please." -Myrtle Beach Online

Mar 15, 2017
To construct 12 outfalls through the year 2052 and strip nearly 50 drainage pipes from the beach, the price tag is expected to reach nearly $150 million.

"Enviros Target CAFOs"

Mar 14, 2017
Environmental Groups Ask EPA to End Ag Stormwater Exemption.

"When it rains, Los Angeles sends billions of gallons of 'free liquid gold' down the drain" -LA Times

Mar 08, 2017
A recent study found that an array of projects could significantly boost stormwater collection in the Los Angeles Basin

"NRDC Sues EPA to Hold Stormwater Polluters Accountable"

Feb 28, 2017
NRDC filed two lawsuits this week against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to enforce the Clean Water Act against stormwater polluters in the Baltimore and Los Angeles areas.

"This New Riverside Park In Dallas Is Designed To Fill With Water When It Floods" - Co.Exist

Feb 08, 2017
The 10,000-acre Trinity River Park creates much-needed civic space along the river that divides the city, by incorporating excess water into its adaptable design

"How We Can Better Plan Our Cities to Utilize Stormwater" -Water Deeply

Feb 03, 2017
We are finally learning that stormwater can be an asset to communities but now we need to make some urban planning and engineering changes to take advantage of it, writes architect Rinaldo Veseliza.

"Stormwater Discharge: Avoid Enforcement Actions" -Facility Executive

Jan 31, 2017
Constantly changing federal, state, and local rules governing stormwater discharges often increase both the complexity of compliance and cost of noncompliance.

"Researchers emphasize the importance of stormwater research" -Phys Org

Jan 25, 2017
Wilson sees stormwater as an all-of-the-above situation. Green roofs to catch it, rain barrels to store it, wetlands to slow it down, but stormwater pipes and cisterns and retention ponds for when there's just too much of it. ...

"EWG Investigates: Scott Pruitt’s War on Drinking Water"

Jan 18, 2017
Scott Pruitt – President-elect Donald Trump's nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency – stymied efforts to clean up chicken manure fouling a protected river as Oklahoma’s attorney general.

"Curious Louis: How is St. Louis managing stormwater runoff?" -St.Louis Public Radio

Jan 11, 2017
“We filled everything with native landscaping, trees, shrubs and minimized the amount of turf because turf basically allows all the stormwater to run off,”

"California’s Stormwater Regulations Are Themselves a Toxic Mess" -Voice of San Diego

Jan 04, 2017
Across California, there could be thousands or even tens of thousands of businesses dodging environmental rules and sending pollution into the state’s waters.

"Stormwater "Key Issue" For City In 2017" -The Ticker

Dec 28, 2016
Traverse City officials are already predicting one of the key buzzwords of 2017: stormwater. The city is approaching a May deadline to wrap up a $2 million state and federal grant project to survey its wastewater and stormwater systems.

"Stormwater project at Detroit's Central High aims at job creation, too" -Detroit Free Press

Dec 20, 2016
An innovative partnership to link stormwater management with workforce development will be under way soon at Detroit's Central High School.

"Close To $25 Billion Spent To Secure Green Infrastructure Worldwide In 2015" -The Ecosystem Marketplace

Dec 16, 2016
Governments, water utilities, companies, and communities around the world paid nearly US$25 billion (B) in 2015 for nature-based solutions to secure reliable access to clean water.

"Chicago Uses Sensors to Judge Green Infrastructure" -Next City

Dec 15, 2016
A new pilot project by City Digital, a consortium of public, private and higher education entities in Chicago, aims to test the effectiveness of different green stormwater projects using sensors and cloud computing.

"$4-million settlement will fund stormwater projects and a 'green street' for Watts" -The San Diego Union-Tribune

Dec 12, 2016
A South Los Angeles street will get an environmentally friendly face-lift, and new rain gardens and cisterns soon will appear at homes across Los Angeles County thanks to a $4-million settlement reached late last month.

"Rain as a Resource: St. Paul Innovates Shared, Sustainable Stormwater Management" -The Line

Dec 09, 2016
This new method of managing stormwater is called “shared, stacked green infrastructure.” That means the system does more than one thing on a site, to provide additional community services or amenities beyond just managing rain runoff.

"The Race to Turn Stormwater From Gray to Green" -Water Deeply

Dec 08, 2016
Newly passed bills in California are helping turn attention to green infrastructure projects that can help cities take advantage of stormwater to replenish groundwater, increase water supply and decrease water pollution.

"Singapore's Henderson Waves Bridge Shows How Green Infrastructure Is A City's Life Support System" -Forbes

Dec 02, 2016
Henderson Waves is an excellent example of multifunctionality, the integration and interaction of different functions or activities on the same piece of land for efficiency and sustainability, which makes sense in land-scarce Singapore.

"A bigger dig: How GM saved millions by reusing stormwater in Detroit-Hamtramck" -Model D

Dec 01, 2016
In 2014, the engineering team at General Motors' Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant realized that stormwater discharge fees were eating up a whopping 14 percent of the plant's utility bill.

"Meet the Minds: Mapistry App Aids Stormwater Management" -Water Deeply

Nov 27, 2016
Technology startup Mapistry is helping companies more easily comply with stormwater regulations, which is a bonus for business and the environment, say founders Allie and Ryan Janoch. We spoke to them as part of our “Meet the Minds” series.

"Engineering faculty, students collaborate on storm water project" -Advantage News

Nov 17, 2016
Dr. Abdolreza Osouli, assistant professor in the SIUE School of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering, and his team of students discuss their research progress with representatives from the IL DOT during a tour of the work site on campus.

"EPA, state health department file stormwater lawsuit against Colorado Springs" -The Gazette

Nov 14, 2016
The U.S. EPA and the state health department filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the City of Colorado Springs over water quality violations and stormwater program shortfalls dating to '09.

"Sponge-Worthy Design for the Gowanus Canal" - Architectural Record

Nov 11, 2016
DLANDstudio completes a landscape project that absorbs stormwater from Brooklyn’s most toxic waterway, Gowanus Canal.

“New Stormwater Rules Costly to Norwalk” -The Hour

Nov 07, 2016
The Norwalk Department of Public Works is turning to outside help to navigate through more stringent state and federal guidelines for stormwater management.

"5 ways that rain gardens help Seattle and Puget Sound" -Treehugger

Nov 03, 2016
A natural solution to pollution cleans the Sound’s water for salmon, orcas and all who depend on clean water (like us!).

Polluted runoff an '800-pound gorilla' in room

Nov 01, 2016
Money, will-power, and politics all factor into how much more Louisville will do to clean up its bacteria-laden waterways.

Clemson partnership is slowing down the unhealthy effects of stormwater pollution

Oct 31, 2016
Clemson University and its collaborators hosted a recent seminar that focused on the most effective ways for local communities to finance these environmentally beneficial projects.

EPA Launches New Guide for Long-Term Stormwater Planning, Names Five Pilot Communities

Oct 27, 2016
The EPA today announced a package of tools to help communities plan long-term strategies for managing stormwater pollution.

EPA Awards $270K for Environmental and Health Projects in New England Communities

Oct 26, 2016
EPA has awarded 12 grants across New England under its 2016 Healthy Communities Grant Program, totaling approximately $270,566, to fund community projects addressing environmental and public health issues.

EPA announces $62.6 Million for Environmental Improvements on Tribal Lands in the Pacific Southwest

Oct 26, 2016
EPA announced $62.6 million in funding for tribes in AZ, CA and NV to support environmental programs, drinking water and wastewater infrastructure development and community education.

"Australia Needs a New Approach to Storm Water Management" -Sourceable

Oct 21, 2016
With the population of cities such as Brisbane and Melbourne expected to double by 2061, many of our strategies with regard to how we manage our urban environment will have to change going forward.

"Kansas City Water’s Green Infrastructure Projects Win Sustainability Award" -Water World

Oct 19, 2016
Kansas City’s Middle Blue River Green Infrastructure projects recently received the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) Envision Platinum award. The projects are the 20th overall sustainable infrastructure award from Envision.

EPA Awarding $1.3 Million to Revitalize America’s Urban Waters and Surrounding Communities

Oct 18, 2016
The U.S. EPA is awarding $1.3 million to 22 organizations in 18 states to help protect and restore urban waters and to support community revitalization and other local priorities.

"WP Residents Raise Concerns About Storm Water in Wake of Hurricane" -The Pilot

Oct 14, 2016
Among the many Whispering Pines residents still dealing with the effects of Hurricane Matthew, some in the Arrowstone subdivision off Hardee Lane are blaming a substandard retention pond for flooding around their homes.

"What are we surfing in? A look at stormwater infrastructure in La Jolla" -La Jolla Light

Oct 13, 2016
The recent study found human fecal pollution in almost all stormwater discharges measured at the Tourmaline Surf Park storm drain in the 2014 & 2015 wet seasons, despite the presence of separate storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems in San Diego.

"EUSD students begin SWPPP work funded by $700,000 grant" -Del Mar Times

Oct 11, 2016
Students at three Encinitas Union School District (EUSD) sites, met this week with a topographic survey team to begin the design and construction of three significant stormwater-related projects.

"Oregon DOT dedicates stormwater runoff treatment testing center" -Equipment World

Oct 10, 2016
The Oregon DOT is dedicating the Stormwater Technology Testing Center in Northeast Portland today (October 7), which will provide a site for municipalities and private companies to test technologies that treat stormwater runoff.

“A Week After Floods, Experts Gather for Water Summit” -Detroit Free Press

Oct 07, 2016
Motorists struggle through a flooded I-75 at Grand River on Aug.16 in downtown Detroit. The 2016 Regional Stormwater Summit Friday at Lawrence Tech in Southfield will feature a variety of stakeholders trading ideas about stormwater management.

"Detroit green infrastructure mapping project kicks off" -Model D

Oct 06, 2016
A coalition of City of Detroit leaders is working to build a database and mapping system to track the growing number of green infrastructure projects in the city.

"Conservation Law Foundation Sues Exxon Mobil" -Boston Globe

Sep 30, 2016
The Conservation Law Foundation has followed through on its threat to sue Exxon Mobil Corp. over the pollution hazards posed by the energy giant’s waterfront terminal in Everett.

"DC Ready to Ramp Up Its Stormwater Trading Program" -Bay Journal

Sep 29, 2016
If builders can’t retain runoff, they can buy credits from projects that exceed requirements

"Do you know your terms involving stormwater runoff?" -Journal Star

Sep 27, 2016
City officials seek the support of the U.S. EPA on using "green" infrastructure such as rain gardens, green alleys and curb extensions to reduce combined sewer overflows.

"Finding a New Way to Tackle Water Pollution" -International Policy Digest

Sep 26, 2016
This article explains the possible reasons why conventional policy has failed and also explores a new way to solve our problem.

"Do Your Part to Prevent Pollution" -Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Sep 23, 2016
When rain or irrigation water falls on pavement, it picks up grass clippings, chemicals, silt and other pollutants. This runoff flows through streets, gutters and storm systems before eventually reaching Florida’s waterways.

"Before you drain your pool..." -The Village of Lindenhurst, IL

Sep 22, 2016
The Village of Lindenhurst would like to provide a friendly reminder from section 3.1.K Pool Dewatering from the SMPP. Chlorinated water discharged to surface waters, roadways or storm sewers has an adverse impact on local storm water quality.

“How One California City Is Reducing Its Dependence on Imported Water” -News Deeply

Sep 21, 2016
Santa Monica is helping to reduce pollution and increase its water supply by capturing urban runoff. We talk to Neal Shapiro, the city’s Watershed Management Program coordinator, about its unique programs.

"Editorial: Keep soil on developments, out of Walnut Creek" -The Des Moines Register

Sep 20, 2016
Cities and suburbs must do more to prevent erosion, flooding, nutrient runoff and other problems plaguing the state’s lakes and streams. Fortunately, many cities will be asked to take an important first step in coming weeks.

"Stormwater a necessity for drought management" -Las Cruces Sun-News

Sep 19, 2016
Stormwater capture may be the future water supply of the district. They intend to use it to maintain farming as well as improve the health of the aquifer and the entire hydrologic system.

“Brandon Tinckham: The Wrong Solution to Water-Quality Issues” -The Gainesville Sun

Sep 15, 2016
The stated purpose of this new manual is to improve stormwater quality for new commercial and residential development by decreasing the nitrogen loading of groundwater in our region.

EPA Fines Total Petroleum for Industrial Stormwater Discharge Violations

Sep 14, 2016
The U.S. EPA today announced that it has reached an agreement with Total Petroleum to settle the company’s alleged violations of requirements to control pollution from stormwater discharges at its Guaynabo Bulk Fuels Terminal.

"Municipalities turn to rain gardens as ways to manage stormwater, beautify areas" -American City and County

Sep 13, 2016
Cities and counties have found success in using rain gardens as a means of effective stormwater management while simultaneously beautifying their communities through the additional green space these gardens create.

“Why You Should Avoid the Ocean After it Rains” –Delaware Online

Sep 12, 2016
When it rains, the runoff that is collected in a network of pipes ultimately ends up in the ocean where people swim. In Rehoboth Beach, there are five pipelines that drain the city's stormwater into the ocean just off the beach.

"L.A. betting that stormwater can help ease California's drought" -Los Angeles Times

Sep 09, 2016
If California’s water emergency has taught providers anything, it is that they must they must diversify their supply — or face dire consequences.

"We Can Learn From Cleveland Park’s Stormwater Control Efforts" -Forest Hill Connection

Sep 08, 2016
We can be thankful the stormwater runoff at Van Ness is in no way as severe as it was in Cleveland Park this summer. But it is a problem, and we can learn from efforts to ameliorate the problem in Cleveland Park.

"Detroit Banks on Green Infrastructure to Rescue City from Heavy Rains" -MLive

Sep 07, 2016
Detroit has a water problem. Or, more correctly, it has a stormwater problem.

"D.C. Stormwater Credit Could Be a Role Model for Other Cities" -GreenBiz

Sep 01, 2016
Using D.C.'s unique credit-trading program, the Nature Conservancy is taking steps to protect the capital's water from pollution with stormwater management.

"How Walmart Solves Stormwater Management Challenges" -Environmental Leader

Aug 31, 2016
A Storm Water Solutions case study details how a well-engineered stormwater management system allowed a Walmart Supercenter in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to maximize water storage and minimize the project footprint.

"Harford County has Multiple Stormwater Remediation Projects in the Works" -The Baltimore Sun

Aug 30, 2016
Multiple stormwater remediation projects in Harford not related to recent Chesapeake Bay Foundation testing

"Ventura ‘Green Street’ Paves the Way to Water Awareness" -Ventura County Star

Aug 29, 2016
People visit the new "green street" project on Hartman Drive in Ventura. The project is an effort to protect waterways and beaches from pollution while recharging groundwater.

“Dirty Water: Good And Bad News About The Future Of The Charles River” –WBUR 90.9

Aug 26, 2016
The EPA has graded the Charles River on its water quality each year since 1995 when it earned a D. In years hence, major improvements to sewer systems in Boston, Cambridge and beyond brought the grade up to where it stands today.

"Tujunga Spreading Grounds will soon store 5 billion gallons of stormwater" -LA Times

Aug 25, 2016
Under the $29-million expansion plan launched Monday, officials said the groundwater recharge facility will double in capacity by 2018, helping ween Angelenos off increasingly expensive and unreliable imported water.

"Agreement Strengthens EPA’s Ability to Protect Clean Water" -Triple Pundit

Aug 24, 2016
In a big step forward for clean water, a coalition of environmental groups succeeded in forcing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to adopt stricter standards for the management of industrial waste.

"Stormwater Legal Challenge Brewing in Central Mass."

Aug 23, 2016
Some towns in Central Massachusetts are leaning toward waging a legal challenge to new federal stormwater regulations that some say are too burdensome, too costly and go far beyond what the federal Clean Water Act intends.

“Lake George Stormwater Regulations Prompt Dissent” –The Sun

Aug 22, 2016
The regulations prohibit illegal discharge of polluted water into sewer systems as well as requiring property owners to take steps to control erosion, particularly at construction sites where over an acre of land is disturbed.

"Manage Stormwater to Turn a Liability into an Asset: Sheila Kuehl" -Los Angeles Daily News

Aug 19, 2016
California’s drought is entering its fifth year and we continue to look for new ways to meet our water supply needs.

EPA Awards $172,000 for Green Infrastructure to Improve Water Quality in Lake Erie

Aug 11, 2016
The EPA today has awarded a $172,125 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant to the Town of Evans, New York, to fund green infrastructure projects to improve water quality entering Lake Erie.

"California Nitrogen Assessment Shows the State of the Science on Nitrogen Use and Pollution" -UC Davis

Aug 09, 2016
It’s easy for nitrogen to become too much of a good thing, according to the report, which is the first state-level nitrogen assessment. Excess nitrogen can pollute groundwater and air, and impacts the environment, human health and climate change.

EPA Awards Over $3 Million to Guam for Environmental Protection

Aug 08, 2016
“EPA’s support enables Guam to advance its environmental programs,” said Alexis Strauss. “These investments will directly benefit the residents of Guam and the precious island resources.”

"Stormwater from Duke Energy coal pile spills into the Broad River" -Charlotte Business Journal

Aug 04, 2016
Duke Energy says that heavy rains on Tuesday caused up to 50,000 gallons of stormwater to run off a coal pile at the Roger Energy Complex into the Broad River near Mooresboro, N.C.

"Costly challenge: How best to deal with stormwater" -The Indiana Gazette

Aug 01, 2016
Municipalities and environmental groups have been coming together under the banner of the Stormwater Education Partnership to cope with the ever-evolving regulations surrounding stormwater management and the effects of development on water quality.

“NV DEP Require Nevada Department of Transportation to Protect Local Waters” -EPA

Jul 29, 2016
The U.S. DOJ, the U.S. EPA and the Nevada DEP have reached an agreement with the Nevada DOT to resolve alleged violations of NDOT’s stormwater permit.

"Port of Astoria Fined $36,916 For Stormwater Violations" -Statesman Journal

Jul 27, 2016
State environmental regulators have fined the Port of Astoria $36,916 for violating its stormwater discharge permits. It’s the third time in three years the port has been penalized for stormwater violations.

"DNR To Set Pollution Marks For Milwaukee River Basin" -Journal Sentinel

Jul 22, 2016
The Department of Natural Resources released preliminary figures on Thursday for reductions that Milwaukee and other communities must meet for key pollutants flowing into the Milwaukee, Menomonee and Kinnickinnic rivers in the coming years.

"Stormwater Cleanup Goes High Tech in St. Anthony Village" -Minnesota Public Radio News

Jul 21, 2016
The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization is looking to get ahead of that with a new stormwater treatment and research facility that will capture and treat about 169 million gallons of polluted stormwater each year.

"San Diego Facing $4.6M Water Pollution Fine" -The San Diego Union-Tribune

Jul 20, 2016
Regional board says city failed to properly inspect private construction sites, enforce rules

"Bel Air Will Pay EPA $35,000 for 2014 Stormwater Management Violations" -The Baltimore Sun

Jul 19, 2016
Bel Air is currently up to code on stormwater management program

"What the River Knows: Portneuf River, Pocatello, Idaho" -National Geographic

Jul 18, 2016
Stormwater runoff dumps directly into me through a series of large pipes, and droppings from ... How can the amount of pollution be reduced?

"DEP Workers Say City Fabricates Creek Stats" -QUEENS CHRONICLE

Jul 15, 2016
Numerous current and former DEP employees are claiming the agency purposely fabricated water quality statistics prior to government inspections. They say the DEP also took retaliatory action against whistle-blowers.

"Stormwater is New Challenge to City’s Clean Water Plans" -CITY LIMITS

Jul 14, 2016
Stormwater is a common problem for every city across the country. What's unique about New York is the amount of time that is taking to effectively tackle it.

"Scientists Agree: Fla. Lake Discharges, Not Septic Systems, Cause Algae Blooms" -USA TODAY NETWORK

Jul 12, 2016
The Martin County Commission decided at an emergency meeting Tuesday to ask state and federal authorities to declare a disaster where blue-green algae has closed beaches.

"Silicon Valley Looks To Modernize Stormwater Management" -Water Online

Jul 06, 2016
A city in the heart of Silicon Valley is trying to modernize its approach to stormwater... The system dates back to the 1940s, but it is in the midst of a major overhaul.

"Severe Water Pollution Clouds the Olympic Games in Rio" -CBS News

Jul 01, 2016
Rio's waters were found to contain viruses up to 1.7 million more times hazardous than a beach in the U.S.

EPA Awards $2.7 million to Virginia Foundation To Research Stormwater Options, Water Reuse

Jun 30, 2016
The U.S. EPA today announced two grants totaling $2.7 million to the Water Environment and Reuse Foundation (WE&RF) of Alexandria, Va.

"City Works to Improve Storm Water Management" -Fremont Tribune

Jun 29, 2016
Zetterman took a moment to outline “six minimum control measures” contained in the master plan which he continues to update and develop through more specified ordinances and special programs initiated by the city.

“Newport Considering New Fee for Stormwater Management” –Newport Patch

Jun 28, 2016
As the city grapples with the ongoing problem of water pollution, high bacteria counts and beach closures, a new fee is being considered.

EPA: Maryland on track to meet 2017 Bay pollution goals

Jun 27, 2016
The U.S. EPA recently released its evaluations of Chesapeake Bay jurisdictions’ restoration efforts, and Maryland is on track to meet all its 2017 target goals.

"Yuengling to Upgrade Environmental Measures to Settle Clean Water Act Violations At Two Pennsylvania Breweries" -U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Jun 24, 2016
The U.S. EPA and the DOJ today announced that D. G. Yuengling and Son Inc., has settled Clean Water Act violations involving its two large-scale breweries near Pottsville, PA.

“Cities Use Different Strategies to Strengthen Stormwater Management” - American City & County

Jun 23, 2016
Cities across the U.S. are taking various measures to combat stormwater runoff and reduce pollution in local bodies of water, while raising awareness of the issue.

"Financing Solutions for Storm Water Run-off" -Environmental Finance

Jun 22, 2016
Financing nature-based solutions, or green infrastructure, reduces the impact of storm water run-off in city streets around the world, argues Craig Holland

"Baltimore faces deadline to remove acres of pavement, reduce runoff" -The Baltimore Sun

Jun 20, 2016
Nearly half of Baltimore is covered with pavement, but officials are trying to remedy that for the Chesapeake

“San Jose agrees to $100 million pollution cleanup program to reduce trash, sewage spills” –The Mercury News

Jun 17, 2016
San Jose city officials on Tuesday agreed to spend more than $100 million over the next decade and beyond to reduce tons of trash that flows into creeks and San Francisco Bay, repair miles of leaking underground sewage pipes and clean stormwater contamina

"Stormwater's Impact on America’s Rivers" -National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)

Jun 16, 2016
Runoff is one of the main threats to the over 3.5 million miles of rivers and streams in the US that supply water for our crops, power our cities, support aquatic ecosystems, and provide numerous recreational and commercial opportunities.

"Seattle Ups Street Sweeping to Address Stormwater Pollution"

Jun 15, 2016
Because of Seattle's location on Puget Sound, the city is planning to increase its street sweeping program significantly in 2016 in an effort to reduce stormwater runoff pollution.

"Stormwater planters' soil being tested" -The Journal Times

Jun 14, 2016
When it rains, the plants work on soaking up and filtering the stormwater. This slows the flow of stormwater into the sewer system and helps keep pollutants out of area streams, rivers and lakes.

"Detroit Vacant Lots Make Room for Green Stormwater Design" -Next City

Jun 10, 2016
Volunteers and project partners celebrate the completion of four bioretention gardens on vacant Detroit lots last month.

"Innovative Sludge-to-Energy Plant Makes a Breakthrough in China" -New Security Beat

Jun 08, 2016
Two silver-colored anaerobic digestion tanks inhale 450 tons of sludge and exhale at least 12,000 cubic meters of methane

"An American Finds Fame, and Lots of Cockroaches, in Hanoi’s Mucky Storm Drains" -The Wall Street Journal

Jun 07, 2016
Cleanup hobbyist hops into mucky storm drains to retrieve trash

"With Shawnee facing $100 million stormwater problem, fee and tax increases should be in play, public works director says" -Shawnee Dispatch

Jun 06, 2016
The city’s aging stormwater infrastructure is in dire need of repair and maintenance, but it’s going to require more money, said Doug Whitacre, Shawnee public works director.

“An Aerial Survey Shows Hawai‘i’s Beaches Are Littered With Marine Debris” –Honolulu Magazine

Jun 03, 2016
The study found 20,658 pieces of buoys, floats, foam, plastics, and tires washing up on Hawai’i beaches.

"Supreme Court rules against White House in water pollution case" -The Hill

Jun 02, 2016
The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled against the Obama administration in a case regarding water pollution permits.

“The Clean Water Act Is Under Fire And It’s Threatening Your Lineup” –The Inertia

Jun 02, 2016
The 1972 Clean Water Act (or the CWA for short) is the primary legal line of defense against water pollution, especially in terms of ocean pollution here in Southern California.

"How Stormwater Affects Your Rivers" -American Rivers

Jun 01, 2016
When managed properly, this water is a valuable resource. However, when stormwater is managed like a waste product, it exacerbates flooding and becomes contaminated with pollutants.

"Philadelphia keeps stormwater out of sewers to protect rivers" -The Inquirer

May 31, 2016
The reason for the ambitious program? As in many older communities, most of the city is served by combined sewer systems, meaning that rainwater is directed into the same pipes that carry the flow from showers, sinks, and toilets.

"Students raise pollution awareness, mark Baraboo stormwater drains" -WiscNews: Baraboo News Republic

May 27, 2016
Members of Jack Young Middle School’s Science Club spent Tuesday afternoon affixing markers to storm drains. Each reads “No dumping: Drains to river.”

"Man-made islands to cleanse pollutants from pond" -Journal Sentinel

May 26, 2016
Three artificial islands, loaded with native wetland plants, are floating in one pond at Emerald Preserve, where they will work year-round to cleanse storm water of nutrients and other pollutants.

"Don’t let SC polluters write the pollution laws" -The Island Packet

May 25, 2016
Columbia lobbyists for the state’s largest polluters are lobbying the legislature to take away the citizens’ right to protect our communities and clean water from illegal toxic pollution.

"Bioretention cells do a beautiful job of removing pollutants from stormwater runoff" -Clemson University

May 24, 2016
Clemson University’s Carolina Clear and its collaborators turned an unattractive stormwater detention basin into a state-of-the-art filtration system that is as pretty as it is environmentally friendly.

“Why China's crackdown on water pollution is good for business” - Eco-Business

May 20, 2016
Companies may be nervous about China's recent Water Ten Plan because of the hefty penalties for errant firms.

"Stormwater permit revisions due for Western Washington" -Washington Department of Ecology

May 19, 2016
Proposed modifications of the municipal stormwater permit that covers the state’s biggest cities and counties are available for public review.

"Federal pollution penalty may impact coastal communities" -Tillamook Headlight Herald

May 18, 2016
The state of Oregon has lost $1.2 million in grant money this year because of the inability to target and control coastal pollution from logging, agriculture and other sources.

"Miami Beach king tides flush human waste into bay, study finds" -Miami Herald

May 17, 2016
Massive pumps that flush floodwater from Miami Beach into Biscayne Bay during seasonal king tides are dumping something else into the bay: human waste.

"Stormwater costs set to swell" -The Sun Chronicle

May 16, 2016
EPA rules could mean a hefty spending hike for some communities.

"Stormwater capture could prevent reservoir drought" -Poughkeepsie Journal

May 13, 2016
Capturing stormwater is a new approach for California. It makes total sense for every state.

"DEP targets farmers to reduce pollution" -Lebanon Daily News

May 12, 2016
Lebanon County farmers worry new plan could turn Conservation District into arm of “Big Brother”.

"Voters follow tradition, approve stormwater bond" -Lincoln Journal Star

May 11, 2016
The day after heavy rain caused flash flooding in several parts of Lincoln, voters overwhelmingly approved a $6.3 million stormwater bond.

"Baltimore harbor water quality still failing, but advocates see progress" -Bay Journal

May 10, 2016
New projects in works to reduce trash, sewage and stormwater pollution that render much of watershed unfit for recreation.

"Pesticides, Petroleum Found in Houston Water Runoff" -KLBJ Newsroom

May 09, 2016
Authorities have concluded that pesticides and petroleum additives have entered the runoff from fire-fighting efforts at a Houston warehouse complex.

"EPA Proposes New GCP for Stormwater Discharge on Construction Sites" -Construction Equipment

May 06, 2016
The current 2012 Construction General Permit (CGP) is set to expire February 16, 2017, at which time the 2017 GCP will go into effect.

"Elmhurst to borrow $25 million more for stormwater projects" -Chicago Tribune

May 05, 2016
Elmhurst will soon go to the municipal bond market to borrow another $25 million for nine stormwater projects expected to be completed this year and next.

"Colorado’s $825M Water Project Begins Serving Customers" -Water World

May 04, 2016
The Southern Delivery System (SDS), one of the largest water infrastructure projects completed in the U.S. this century, started delivering water to Colorado Springs customers.

“Invercargill stormwater drainage systems below New Zealand standards” -The Southland Times

May 02, 2016
Invercargill's storm drainage systems are below the New Zealand standard - but city leaders say improving them would cost too much money.

"State to take over Cape water program" -Cape Cod Times

Apr 29, 2016
Massachusetts officials are planning to take over the permitting for discharges of pollutants to surface water bodies like this from the federal government.

"Gov. Baker files bill to let MassDEP, instead of U.S. EPA, oversee water discharge rules in Massachusetts" -The Republican

Apr 29, 2016
In Mass., such water quality permits under the NPDES, are currently issued by EPA New England. Under Baker's bill, the permits would be issued by the state's DEP.

"Woolpert Contracts with Gwinnett County on $4.5M Sewer, Stormwater Inspection Project" -Woolpert Press

Apr 27, 2016
The firm will perform a yearly assessment for the Metro Atlanta county under one annual contract, renewable for up to four years.

"Solutions for Stormwater in Seattle" -Huffington Post

Apr 26, 2016
In Seattle, we embrace the rain. We dress for it, play in it and enjoy the benefits of plentiful water and greenery as a result of it. But rain — or more specifically stormwater run-off — is destroying Puget Sound.

Happy Earth Day from StormwaterONE!

Apr 22, 2016
To celebrate this wonderful day in honor of our planet, we will be offering a 30% discount to anyone who is looking to get enrolled in our many levels of stormwater management training.

"City Council Approves Monumental Stormwater Deal" -KKTV11 News

Apr 21, 2016
Colorado Springs City Council has approved a multi-million dollar stormwater deal, intended to help prevent catastrophic flooding in Pueblo County.

"Pueblo Residents Give Input On $460M Stormwater Deal" -KKTV11 News

Apr 19, 2016
While most of the Pueblo County commissioners say they're excited to reach a stormwater deal with Colorado Springs after months and months of negotiating, not all citizens are on board.

"EPA Stands Up for Clean Water in D.C., Rejects 140-Year-Long Clean Up Plan" -NRDC

Apr 19, 2016
The rivers and streams of our nation’s capital scored a big win recently when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rejected the District of Columbia’s proposed plan to clean up polluted runoff, which would have taken more than a century to meet

"Hope for saving salmon lies in reducing stormwater pollution" -Washington State University

Apr 18, 2016
Salmon exposed to toxic stormwater can die in a matter of hours. But preliminary new findings by WSU researchers suggest that bioretention systems that filter out contaminants from stormwater runoff are key for preventing lethal impacts on fish.

"Solving the stormwater problem through teamwork" -Washington State University

Apr 15, 2016
Toxic runoff is a national concern. In Puget Sound, its effects are acute. The good news? Strong partnerships are creating solutions.

"Stormwater detox: Pollution solutions are within reach" -The Seattle Times

Apr 14, 2016
Record-breaking rainfall pouring over hard surfaces in our cities and neighborhoods has added pollution to our lakes, rivers, streams and Puget Sound.

"Baltimore City testing screens on storm drains to keep waterways clean" -WBAL

Apr 12, 2016
Crews installed new storm-drain covers Friday in an effort to keep trash from polluting Baltimore's waterways.

"Colorado Springs Mayor: Funding stormwater deal 'not optional'" -The Gazette

Apr 12, 2016
After more than a year of negotiations, a stormwater deal appears to have been reached between the city of Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs Utilities and the Pueblo County Board of County Commissioners.

"Huguley: Rethinking responsibility for stormwater" -The State

Apr 11, 2016
When stormwater can’t soak into the ground because of driveways, sidewalks, streets and other impervious surfaces, it rushes into lakes.

"Raining Fees: City Requires $8 Million Annually for Stormwater Management" -The Norman Transcript

Apr 08, 2016
Norman has many stormwater needs which have been unfunded and languishing for years, if not decades.

EPA's Proposed 2017 Construction General Permit (CGP)

Apr 07, 2016
EPA's current CGP became effective on February 16, 2012, and will expire on February 16, 2017. Once finalized, the draft CGP will replace the 2012 CGP.

"L.A. County moves toward water fee for new developments, looks at stormwater funding" -Los Angeles Times

Apr 06, 2016
Los Angeles County will consider new water-saving requirements for developers and look at tax options to pay for future drought planning under a pair of measures adopted Tuesday.

"Stormwater pollution prevention the work of many entities" -South Washington County Bulletin

Apr 05, 2016
Parts of the stormwater system are tied into the sanitary sewer system. That's why the sewer authority is under a federal order to separate them.

"Hoboken Plans Multi-Million Water Main, Stormwater Management Project" -Hoboken Patch

Apr 04, 2016
What water-related projects may be in store for Washington Street in Hoboken? Find out here.

"Turning Stormwater Runoff Into Everyone's Business" -Citylab

Mar 31, 2016
D.C.’s marketplace for stormwater retention credits wasn't taking off, but a new investment could change that.

"MSD ratepayers to decide $900 million bond issue, stormwater tax" -St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Mar 30, 2016
St. Louis and St. Louis County voters may have to hold their nose when they vote on a sewer bond issue next week, because even if it fails, their rates will be going up.

"This App Automatically Calculates Tonnage and Volume of On Site Stockpiles" -Construction Junkie

Mar 28, 2016
Measurements can be pulled directly from video using 3 different methods: iPhone, aerial photos, or drone. Once loaded in the app, the video will be used to calculate the tonnage and volume of the stockpile.

EPA, Albuquerque Water Utility Agree to Penalties for Sewage Overflows and E. Coli Violations

Mar 25, 2016
ABCUWA will pay a civil penalty of $33,500 and build a pipeline to provide water to a wildlife refuge.

"How LA Is Capturing Stormwater and Use Data to Increase Local Water Supply" - HuffPost Green

Mar 23, 2016
Los Angeles brought its commitment and expertise on water to the White House, where President Obama hosted the first ever White House Water Summit, in conjunction with United Nations World Water Day.

"Stanford researchers look to stormwater as a solution for semiarid regions" -Stanford University

Mar 21, 2016
Coordinated work with local and federal agencies could provide a template for capture and reuse of stormwater in dry regions such as the American West.

"Virginia DEQ awards $8.5 million for stormwater pollution reduction projects" -EP NewsWire

Mar 15, 2016
The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recently awarded $8.5 million in funding for 17 stormwater pollution reduction projects.

“Parched California Tries to Grab Storm Water before It Escapes” –Scientific American

Mar 10, 2016
A network of basins and wells, designed by geologists, can channel storm runoff into natural underground vaults before it vanishes into the sea.

EPA and Franklin County, Kan., Reach Settlement on Clean Water Act Violation

Mar 02, 2016
EPA Region 7 reached a settlement with Franklin County, Kan., that requires the county to resolve its NPDES permit violations under the Clean Water Act.

"Global Warming Means Stormwater Difficulties" -Water Online

Feb 26, 2016
Climate change appears to present a direct challenge to stormwater management, according to the latest research.

EPA, City of Leavenworth, Kan., Reach Settlement on Clean Water Act Violations

Feb 24, 2016
EPA Region 7 reached an administrative settlement with the City of Leavenworth, Kan., that requires the city to develop a plan to eliminate unlawful sewer overflows, and to resolve municipal stormwater violations under the Clean Water Act.

"New Cedar Rapids stormwater fees up for vote soon" -The Gazette

Feb 23, 2016
Plan calls for phasing in the large increases, giving environmental credits

"EPA forcing towns to clean up Charles River" -The Boston Globe

Feb 22, 2016
"If you give the towns a 20-year deadline, that means nothing will happen for 15 years." Bob Zimmerman, Charles River Watershed Association, criticizing the federal timetable

"Stormwater repairs add to Rehoboth's woes" -Cape Gazette

Feb 17, 2016
Nor'easter damages outfalls; fix estimated at $1.2 million

"Tampa trying again to find funding for major stormwater projects" -The Tampa Tribune

Feb 16, 2016
With the rainy season just a few months away, Tampa is resurrecting a plan to tackle some of the worst flooding in the city.

"Paying for Crumbling Stormwater Systems" -GPB News

Feb 15, 2016
Macon Bibb leaders began the process to renew the SPLOST. Murphey says he’ll recommend $30 million dollars from that pot of money for more stormwater repairs. Municipalities across Georgia struggle to pay for stormwater infrastructure.

A Helpful Guide for Easy Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Feb 12, 2016
Our creeks should be clean and healthy. But everything the rain collects on its way out to sea has caused them to become polluted!

"Revised stormwater manual awaits City Council approval" -Lake Oswego Review

Feb 11, 2016
City Councilors are expected to approve the final version of Lake Oswego’s revised stormwater management manual on Tuesday, along with updates to city code regulating stormwater runoff.

"Three years later, supervisors may revisit plan to raise funds for stormwater projects" -LA Times

Feb 09, 2016
Three years ago, an attempt to raise money for regional projects to capture and treat stormwater went nowhere. Now, with heightened attention on water supplies and flood control, some local officials and activists want to try again.

80 Billion Needed For Great Lakes Wastewater Infrastructure

Feb 08, 2016
More than $80 billion is needed over the next 20 years to curb sewage overflows and protect community drinking water in the eight Great Lakes states of MN, WI, IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, and NY, according to a new report by the U.S. EPA.

"In Reversal, State Tightens Rules On Farmers To Protect Lake" -VT Digger

Feb 05, 2016
Small farmers will face additional scrutiny of their operations based on new rules released Wednesday for protecting the Missisquoi Bay’s watershed.

DC is testing a way to curb stormwater pollution

Feb 04, 2016
When it rains or snows, paved and urban environments send a tremendous amount of water into the nearest gutter. From there, it either goes to treatment or, as in two-thirds of DC, directly into the nearest body of water.

EPA, DOJ, State of Utah reach agreement with Salt Lake County to reduce polluted runoff and protect water quality

Feb 03, 2016
The U.S. EPA, the U.S. DOJ, and the State of Utah have reached an agreement with Salt Lake County to resolve alleged Clean Water Act violations associated with the county’s stormwater management program.

"Stormwater ponds pollute air as well as ground" -The Post and Courier

Feb 02, 2016
Small ponds are the source of about 15 percent of carbon dioxide emissions from inland waters, according to a study at Yale University. The ponds also cause about 40 percent of methane emissions.

"A botched $20 billion stormwater runoff plan for region: Bob Huff" -Los Angeles Daily News

Jan 29, 2016
El Niño has finally arrived, bringing floodwaters coursing down our hillsides into our streams and rivers. Unfortunately, a flood of expensive and little-understood regulations regarding stormwater is also descending upon us.

"York County works to help Save the Bay" -York Daily Record

Jan 27, 2016
Stakeholders from across the county have indicated their support of efforts to improve stormwater management and reduce waterway pollution.

"Residents question who signed off stormwater permits for Wal-Mart, water park and hotel" -WAGT26

Jan 26, 2016
North Augusta (S.C.) residents, upset about stormwater runoff, are in a legal battle with the state’s Department of Transportation.

"Jefferson County Stormwater Coalition completing required management plan" -Watertown Daily Times

Jan 24, 2016
The Jefferson County Stormwater Coalition feels the group will meet its end-of-the-year deadline to have a plan in place to deal with stormwater.

"Obama vetoes attempt to kill clean water rule" -USA Today

Jan 20, 2016
President Obama issued the ninth veto of his presidency Tuesday, rejecting a congressional resolution that would have overturned federal regulations on clean water.

"Construction sites taking El Niño precautions" - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Jan 17, 2016
Contractors required to follow extensive stormwater guidelines

"More Than $31 Mill Awarded To Water Projects In San Diego Region" -WaterWorld

Jan 14, 2016
The San Diego region has been awarded $31,100,000 in grant money by the CA DWR for a variety of projects that will increase local water supplies, decrease water demands, improve water quality, manage stormwater, restore habitat and enhance species.

EPA Survey Shows $271 Billion Needed for Nation’s Wastewater Infrastructure

Jan 13, 2016
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a survey showing that $271 billion is needed to maintain and improve the nation’s wastewater infrastructure.

"Toxic Algae Blooms Ruin Popular Recreational Pond" -ecoRI

Jan 11, 2016
West Monponsett Pond’s water-quality problems are obvious. Thick mats of blue-green algae suffocate the Halifax, Mass., waterway for much of the year, emitting a foul odor that stinks up the neighborhood and makes the pond unsafe for recreational uses.


Jan 07, 2016
With all the rain this week from El Nino-fueled storms, many people have been asking if Southern California is attempting to collect and store the water to help with the drought.

"How to Reduce Water Management Expenses with Green Infrastructure" -Environmental Leader

Jan 06, 2016
Utilizing green infrastructure in water management and water treatment systems can help companies and utilities achieve economic and environmental benefits.

"Microbead ban a big victory" - The Post and Courier

Jan 05, 2016
Once in the environment, so-called plastic microbeads can wreak havoc on marine life, killing small creatures that accidentally ingest them and building up levels of certain toxins in larger animals.

"Stormwater drain work to begin" - The Hindu

Jan 03, 2016
Chennai Corporation is all set to begin work on stormwater drains in Adyar and Cooum basins in the added areas of the city.

MS4 General Permit (Small Municipal Stormwater Systems) Reissued

Dec 31, 2015
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection ("DEEP") has issued a tentative decision to reissue the MS4 general permit, without modification, with an expiration date of June 30, 2017.

"Sewage Overflow Pollutes Hudson, Vexes New Jersey" - The Wall Street Journal

Dec 28, 2015
State is taking steps to mitigate old infrastructure that releases mix of untreated sewage and storm water during heavy rains

Sediment causes damaging pollution

Dec 27, 2015
The EPA lists sediment as the most common pollutant in rivers, streams, lakes and reservoirs.While natural erosion produces nearly 30% of the total sediment in the U.S., accelerated erosion from human use of land accounts for the remaining 70%.

"Gray water and stormwater can help in the drought, but risk needs to be studied, researchers say" - LA Times

Dec 23, 2015
As water utilities and their customers increasingly look to gray water and runoff from storms to supplement their supply amid drought, more guidelines and research are needed to ensure that the water is safe.

"Stormwater Runoff Leads to Spread of Deadly Pathogen in Florida" - The Weather Channel

Dec 20, 2015
The bacteria accounts for an estimated 80,000 illnesses, 500 hospitalizations and 100 deaths each year in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Colorado Springs Overflows with Stormwater Projects

Dec 16, 2015
Next year's budget in Colorado Springs includes $16 million for stormwater repairs. Colorado Springs Utilities will also spend $3 million.

U.S. EPA approves first green projects to keep stormwater out of Akron’s overflowing sewers

Dec 15, 2015
The federal action marks the first EPA approval of Akron’s green sewer initiatives. The approval will allow Akron to proceed to separate stormwater from sanitary sewers in three areas.

"Cleaning up the rain; new stormwater runoff rules due" - The Post and Courier

Dec 14, 2015
A decade or more of stormwater runoff regulations aren’t working too well so far. And local managers aren’t expecting new restrictions out of the first round of new regulations the federal EPA must propose by Dec. 17.

Florida stormwater excesses spread deadly flesh-eating bacteria

Dec 12, 2015
At the Marine Biomedical & Biotechnology Research lab at FAU-Harbor Branch, Barbarite explores the links between the dangerous bacteria and stormwater runoff.

Water, water everywhere in New Orleans. How can we manage it?: Robin Barnes

Dec 07, 2015
The Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan, which was greatly influenced by our strong collaboration with the Netherlands, has been much touted as a solution to stormwater and groundwater challenges.

Reservoir construction underway for Everglades restoration project

Nov 23, 2015
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, along with federal, state and local officials, have broken ground for a major construction contract.

New construction stormwater permit going into effect in Washington state

Nov 19, 2015
The WA Department of Ecology has finalized changes to its water quality permit that covers approximately 2,000 construction sites across the state.

Controversy over new stormwater program

Nov 18, 2015
Regulators approve a measure that environmentalists said would unfairly shield cities, county from lawsuits

Funding increases to help Egypt tackle storm water crisis

Nov 18, 2015
To help with the aftermath from heavy rains affecting the North Coast of Egypt, the Ministry of Finance has increased funding to the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater.

It’s past time for Puget Sound’s jurisdictions to control stormwater pollution.

Nov 05, 2015
If we want to recover the Sound — and the salmon, orcas and other resources we hold dear — we will need to solve the problem of polluted stormwater runoff.

San Juan, Puerto Rico Agrees to Make Investments in Clean Water

Oct 26, 2015
Under a settlement with the U.S. DOJ and the U.S. EPA, the Municipality of San Juan has agreed to make substantial upgrades to its storm sewer systems throughout the city.

Citizens Claim Wisconsin Not Complying With Clean Water Act, Demand EPA Action

Oct 23, 2015
The Wisconsin DNR is being accused of failing to comply with the Clean Water Act. Sixteen citizens are claiming that Wisconsin has had “long-standing water problems from poor implementation and enforcement” of the Act.

Hoboken Welcomes Green Roofs to Help Fight Stormwater Runoff

Oct 21, 2015
"The garden on this Hoboken rooftop isn’t just eye candy for the residents above, it’s part of the city’s green infrastructure to combat stormwater runoff."

UCI-led group suggests ways to better manage urban stormwater runoff

Oct 19, 2015
Impermeable surfaced like concrete do not allow rainwater to seep directly into the ground, so large volumes of pollutants often run straight into waterways. Rain barrels, absorbent roofs, permeable pavement could help reduce waste.

Penn Cove mussels to help track pollution flowing into Puget Sound

Oct 17, 2015
Highlights: Bivalves will show contaminants from stormwater runoff. Eight places in Whatcom County among study sites. Volunteers will put mussels into water near shore.

Consent Agreement Requires RI To Correct Clean Water Act Violations

Oct 16, 2015
The RI DOT will be required to immediately take steps to correct years of federal Clean Water Act violations involving more than 200 bodies of water, under a consent agreement filed Thurs. morning in U.S. District Court.

UCI-led group suggests ways to better manage urban stormwater runoff

Oct 16, 2015
Rain barrels, absorbent roofs, permeable pavement could help reduce waste.

A Great Article about MS4s and Ditches by T. Luke Owen from the NPDES Training Institute

Oct 05, 2015
Read about how ditches and municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) are getting a lot of attention by the USEPA.

EPA Takes Steps to Improve Water Quality of Illinois River -EPA

Oct 01, 2015
EPA is making available the Illinois River Watershed Modeling Program, which will assist in the development of water pollution controls needed to meet water quality standards throughout the watershed and relies on two highly specialized computer model.

EPA Finalizes $14 Million Plan to Remove Pollutants from Former Sherwin-Williams Plant in Gibbsboro, New Jersey

Sep 30, 2015
The EPA has finalized a plan to clean up contaminated soil from residential properties at the Sherwin-Williams/Hilliards Creek Superfund site in Gibbsboro and Voorhees, N.J.

Water Environment Federation Releases Future of Stormwater Report

Sep 28, 2015
First resource of the WEF Stormwater Institute details future of stormwater systems in U.S. and beyond.

25th Anniversary of Pollution Prevention Act

Sep 21, 2015
“We celebrate Pollution Prevention Week to recognize people and organizations who are successfully preventing pollution to reduce their environmental footprint, and to remind others that we all can choose to do one small thing for a healthier environment.

The Town of Swampscott, Massachusetts Clean Water Act Settlement

Sep 18, 2015
The Town of Swampscott entered into a Consent Decree today agreeing to pay a $65,000 civil penalty and to take critical remedial measures to address pollution the Town discharged into the ocean near local beaches.

Lynden, Washington Landowner to Restore Wetlands to Settle Clean Water Act Violation

Sep 16, 2015
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Justice have reached an agreement with Suellyn Rader Blymyer and Uptrail Group, LLC, for violations of the Clean Water Act in Whatcom County, Washington.

EPA Awards Green Infrastructure Grant of $20,000 to Kansas State University for Projects on Campus in Manhattan, Kan.

Sep 11, 2015
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $20,000 grant to Kansas State University to carry out a green infrastructure demonstration and training project on its campus in Manhattan, Kan.

EPA Awards Green Infrastructure Grant of $20,000 to Mississippi State University

Sep 11, 2015
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has awarded a $20,000 grant to Mississippi State University to carry out a green infrastructure demonstration and training project.

Washington State Approves Online CESCL Recertification Course

Sep 10, 2015
Washington State's Department of Ecololgy approves online Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Re-cert course.

Nitrogen’s threat to the Long Island Sound

Sep 08, 2015
Environmentalists and scientists say an even larger source of nitrogen is coming from private septic systems and storm runoff than sewage treatment plants, and a new effort is needed to reduce pollution.

EPA Kicks Off Campus RainWorks Challenge to Develop Innovative Approaches to Stormwater Management

Sep 02, 2015
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is launching its fourth annual Campus RainWorks Challenge for undergraduate and graduate students to design green infrastructure systems to reduce stormwater pollution and increase resiliency to climate change.

City of Grand Rapids completes major CSO project years ahead of goal

Sep 01, 2015
The City of Grand Rapids, Mich., has completed its combined sewer overflow (CSO) control project three years ahead of a state mandated deadline.

WOTUS rule implementation uncertain after conflicting court decisions

Aug 31, 2015
The US Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineers began to implement their controversial Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule in all but 13 states on Aug. 28 after federal district court judges in North Dakota and West Virginia issued

Clean Water Rule takes effect as of August 28, 2015!

Aug 28, 2015
In a historic step for the protection of clean water, EPA and the Army signed the Clean Water Rule on May 27, 2015, to protect the streams and wetlands that form the foundation of the nation’s water resources from pollution and degradation. The final rule

EPA Environmental News--Arch Coal to Reduce Pollution Entering U.S. Waters

Aug 06, 2015
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced today that Arch Coal Inc. have agreed to conduct comprehensive upgrades to their operations to ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Come Join StormwaterONE at StormCon’15

Jul 29, 2015
On August 4th and 5th President Andrew Demers will be in attendance at StormCon 2015. Come join him at Booth #718 to hear about some of the best online training for stormwater management.

StormwaterONE President Andrew Demers recognized by SWS as part of the next generation of Industry Leaders.

Jul 17, 2015
The future of the storm water and erosion control industry is bright, and so are the young professionals behind it. These men and women promise to propel research efforts, technology innovations and sustainable practices, leaving their mark for generat

U.S. EPA to approve California’s newest list of impaired waterways

Jul 02, 2015
Polluted rivers, lakes and coastal waters need cleanup and restoration plans

"Funding Approved for Sydney Harbour Cleanup" - The Chronicle Herald

Jul 01, 2015
StormwaterONE would like to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day! What a great Canada Day it has already been, now that a new stormwater project will be funded to help clean up Sydney Harbour, Nova Scotia.

Custom Course Authoring by StormwaterONE

Jul 01, 2015
StormwaterONE can create custom e-Learning courses from any training format! Classroom training, Video training, and PowerPoint webinars/presentations can be converted to eLearning. Any training format can be converted to our e-Learning format which can

21 of the world’s 37 biggest sources of drinking water are on the verge of disappearing

Jun 18, 2015
The world is running out of water.

Stormwater capture rules gain new urgency as drought lingers

Jun 16, 2015
Regulators call the rules a groundbreaking paradigm shift in managing dozens of pollutants that together make up the largest source of coastal pollution in Southern California.

City’s Watershed Protection Plan Seeks Difficult Balance Upstate

Jun 15, 2015
Some of New York City's drinking water begins in nameless streams in the mountains. Then it travels through some of the most critical infrastructure the city has.

Now or Never: It's Time for the State Board to Require Stormwater Capture and Help California Mitigate the Drought

Jun 11, 2015
It's a stark reminder that the Golden State is, in fact, a drought state; and in the midst of the worst drought in more than 1,000 years, we need to be using every drop of water as wisely as possible.

Contractors Learn Effective Stormwater Techniques

Jun 09, 2015
The Montana Department of Environmental Quality hosted the hands-on training seminar, teaching contractors throughout the Gallatin Valley how to avoid this.

CALIFORNIA BUSINESS: Stormwater runoff regulations start July 1

Jun 08, 2015
A law taking effect July 1 regulates stormwater draining to waterways

Tallying the costs of stormwater pollution

Jun 03, 2015
In these times of drought, following regulations to keep our drinking water safe is more important than ever. Storm water management has a long history worth reviewing.

Legislators Introduce Storm Water Infrastructure Bill

Apr 16, 2015
The Innovative Stormwater Infrastructure Act is designed to create jobs, boost local economies and help control flooding

The Grand Canyon, an irreplaceable national treasure, is under threat from a massive construction project, mining pollution, and groundwater depletion.

Apr 15, 2015
A proposed industrial-scale construction project in the wild heart of the canyon

EPA acts to protect Puget Sound shellfish beds from manure runoff, fines Lynden dairy

Mar 26, 2015
Shellfish beds in North Puget Sound depend on clean water and are struggling because of fecal coliform pollution running downstream into Puget Sound.

D.E.P. reports bioswales outperforming expectations

Mar 20, 2015
The gardens, called "bioswales," consist of deep, wide vegetation pits cut into sidewalks and filled with soil and horticulture designed to absorb storm water.

It’s not just SW Minnesota: Water pollution is a serious problem in many regions

Mar 12, 2015
In an area that covers parts of Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, Washington, Dakota and Carver county, the MPCA found that 84 lakes are swimmable, but 87 of them are not.

Federal Agencies Announce 5-Year Great Lakes Restoration Action Plan

Sep 24, 2014
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy today released a new Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Action Plan that lays out steps that federal agencies will take during the next five years to protect water quality, cont

StormwaterONE's Virtual Expo 2014 Sets New Attendance and Exhibitor Participation Records

Apr 30, 2014
More than 1,600 storm water and erosion control professionals registered for the 3rd Annual Storm Water Solutions Virtual Expo. The live online event, held April 2, was hosted by Scranton Gillette Communications’ Storm Water Solutions magazine and Stormwa

Industry Eludes EPA Requirement and a Potential $10-Billion-a-Year Compliance Cost … for Now

Mar 28, 2014
When it comes to a numeric limitation on the allowable level of turbidity in discharges from certain construction sites, the industry may not be out of the woods yet. Although the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) earlier this month withdrew the

Great Barrier Reef Sediment Dump Approved For One Of World's Most Fragile Ecosystems

Jan 31, 2014
"Apart from the risk that the sediment will smother coral and seagrass, the increased shipping traffic will boost the risk of accidents, such as oil spills and collisions with delicate coral beds, environment groups argue."

Storm Water Solutions Virtual Expo Online

Jan 23, 2014
Online registration opened today for the 3rd annual Storm Water Solutions Virtual Expo, to be hosted by Storm Water Solutions (SWS) magazine and Stormwater ONE on April 2, 2014.

Lake County cities make changes to address flooding, stormwater systems

Dec 02, 2013
“We have addressed four specific areas of the city that get flooded very quickly in heavy rains. This will help pump the water out before it gets into their homes,”

Toxic Lakes From Tar-Sand Projects Planned for Alberta

Nov 22, 2013
Canada is blessed with 3 million lakes, more than any country on Earth -- and it may soon start manufacturing new ones. They’re just not the kind that will attract anglers or tourists.

'Green gem' will filter stormwater

Nov 17, 2013
Native plants, ponds by factory will limit runoff into Hudson

More Oil and Gas Drillers Turn to Water Recycling

Nov 11, 2013
States are scrambling to draft regulations for the new recycling systems.

City’s Stormwater Quality Cost Share Program Underutilized

Nov 07, 2013
When he installed a fine-gravel walkway in front of his East Raleigh home last summer, Adam Chasen had no idea he’d soon find himself in the street, collecting its scattered remains in the aftermath of a particularly heavy downpour Releases Stormwater Management for Oil and Gas Construction Activities Program

Nov 04, 2013 has released a new online, on-demand stormwater management program specific to oil and gas construction activities.

Hearing set on stormwater codes, which would increase cost of new homes

Nov 04, 2013
Salem City Council will hold a public hearing today on new stormwater regulations that protect the environment

Chicago’s Streets, Alleys, and Islands of the Future

Nov 04, 2013
In the WEFTEC® 2013 host city of Chicago, storms that drop more than 5 cm (2 in.) of rain per hour are becoming the norm. Runoff from impervious surfaces can overwhelm the city’s combined sewers, causing overflows and basement backups and contributing to Publically Announces Company Name Change

Nov 03, 2013 is pleased to announce that the company name has been officially changed to Stormwater ONE, LLC.

Providence gets grant to reduce stormwater runoff

Oct 26, 2013
The $75,000 will be used by the City of Providence to pay for public stormwater projects that can serve as models.

Council seeks creation of new department for stormwater needs

Oct 21, 2013
Stormwater issues are so important to Colorado Springs that a new city department should be created just to oversee flooding and drainage projects, the City Council says.

Major stormwater projects planned in Montana

Jul 14, 2013
By the numbers -- A running look at some of the department initiatives in Kalispell’s $46.8 million budget proposed for next fiscal year.

CT Office of Higher Education Welcomes

Feb 24, 2013 announced today that their stormwater management credentialing program has been approved by Connecticut’s Office of Higher Education (CTOHE).

LA Stormwater - L.A. County supervisors defer vote on storm water cleanup fee

Jan 16, 2013
Nearly 200 people speak out at board hearing on a proposed ballot measure for a parcel fee to combat storm water pollution, most of them opposed. Launches Third Generation E-Learning Platform

Jan 01, 2013’s eCampus is a dynamic online-university where all enrolled students access their stormwater management e-learning courses and take their examinations in its virtual testing facility.

Stormwater Selected as Turner Construction's Stormwater Management Training Provider

Aug 27, 2012
Turner Construction selects Stormwater's online certificate program to meet mandated training requirements after incurring clean water act violation.

Stormwater USA Receives Funding from Governor Malloy and CDEF

May 15, 2012, a Connecticut based occupational trade school, announced today that they have received small business funding from Governor Malloy and CDEF.

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