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Seven Mid-Atlantic Organizations Among 42 Nationwide Receiving more than $9 Million in EPA Pollution Prevention Grants 

Sep 25, 2020

PHILADELPHIA (September 25, 2020) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced today that seven Mid-Atlantic organizations are among 42 nationwide groups receiving $9.3 million in support of pollution prevention. The announcement comes during Pollution Prevention (P2) Week.

“We are pleased to support the innovative efforts of these organizations which will lead to healthier communities,” said EPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator Cosmo Servidio. “Their efforts ensure safer spaces and cleaner air for all to live, work and play.”

The grants across the Mid-Atlantic region total more than a million dollars and range from $25,000 to $412,000.

This year marks 30 years since the passage of the Pollution Prevention Act, which focuses on ways industry, government and the public can reduce the amount of pollution through cost-effective changes in production, operation, and raw materials use. P2 Week celebrates diverse ways organizations can prevent pollution, furthering EPA’s mission to protect public health and the environment.

The full list of Region 3 grant recipients includes:

Penn State University Technical Assistance Program (PennTAP):

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This project will provide Pollution Prevention Energy Efficiency (P2E2) technical assistance and Economy, Energy and Environment (E3) events for Pennsylvania food and beverage manufacturers as well as metal manufacturers and fabricators. The project will encourage the adoption and implementation of source reduction approaches. The adoption of these P2 approaches will help save money by reducing resource use, expenditures, and waste while at the same time reducing Pennsylvania manufacturer’s environmental footprint. The project activities will also educate the next generation of engineering students.

Total Project: $825,286

EPA Funding: $412,643

West Virginia University (WVU)

In this project, technical assistance will be provided to Metal Manufacturing and Fabrication facilities in the State of West Virginia using various activities such as on-site technical assistance, training workshops, conferences with themed roundtables and off-site technical assistance on Pollution Prevention (P2) Best Practices. The technical assistance activities are designed to help the businesses with lowering their operational costs by reducing expenditures, water and energy use, waste and disposal costs, while at the same time increasing their overall productivity.

Total project: $434,896

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EPA funding: $217,447

District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment (DC DOEE):

The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) proposes a comprehensive Pollution Prevention (P2) education program to encourage source reduction at automotive maintenance businesses in the District of Columbia. The program comprises P2 technical assistance, training at technical schools, and encouraging businesses to support electric and hybrid vehicles. The program will be managed by experts across subject areas within four DOEE departments. This project is a coordinated approach to influence practices that reduce or eliminate water, air, and solid waste pollution at auto body/ repair businesses and creates an effective, unified message about how to reduce pollution through source reduction. Following the grant period, District of Columbia businesses will be encouraged to develop and adopt source reduction plans.

Total Project: $157,900

EPA Funding: $78,900

University of Delaware Industrial Assessment Center (UDEL-IAC):

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UDEL-IAC proposes to provide on-site energy and waste assessments for Automotive Manufacturing and Maintenance facilities in EPA Region III. These will include one-to two-day site assessments with documented findings, recommendations, and cost-effectiveness information to facility managers and operators. UDEL-IAC will also provide follow-up to assist facility decision-making for recommended measures.

Total Project: $227,952

EPA Funding: $113,976

Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE):

MDE will provide a combination of technical services and recognition designed to appeal to Maryland businesses seeking assistance in reducing or eliminating the volume and toxicity of waste at the source, conservation of raw materials, and efficient use of energy and water resources. The following programs are applicable to a wide variety of businesses and organizations, but special emphasis will be placed on sectors identified as National Emphasis Areas such as food and metal manufacturing.  MDE will aid Maryland businesses by helping establish green teams that set and meet annual pollution prevention (P2) goals.  MDE will aid and recognition of P2 activities at organizations of all types and sizes through the Maryland Green Registry.

Total Project: $269,610

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EPA Funding: $134,805


Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ):

This proposal includes 2 tasks to provide technical assistance to groups within the food and beverage industry. Both tasks leverage existing Virginia DEQ programs. The first task focuses on outreach to breweries and/or wineries with technical assistance to help them adopt pollution prevention (P2) practices through two face-to-face workshops. The second task leverages DEQ’s Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) to encourage the implementation of P2 practices, including environmental management system (EMS) development for animal processing facilities. Webinars and materials from workshops provide a method of documenting P2 practices. At least two case studies will be developed, including one from each task. Using existing and well-established leadership programs as a base allows the information to be amplified within the existing networks.

Total Project: $157,368

EPA Funding: $78,684

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Virginia Manufacturing Technology Center (VA MTC) at Wytheville Community College:

This project will provide small to medium sized businesses in the automotive manufacturing and maintenance and metal manufacturing and fabrication sectors in Virginia with assistance in improving their environmental performance through Economy, Energy and Environment (E3) technical assessments, workshops, and on-site assistance.

Total Project: $50,400

EPA Funding: $25,200


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