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EPA settles with Sutter County’s Bear River Supply Inc. for selling misbranded pesticide

May 06, 2021

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced Bear River Supply Inc., based in Rio Oso, Calif., has agreed to pay a $50,578 penalty to resolve EPA’s findings that the company produced pesticides in an unregistered establishment, distributed and sold misbranded pesticides and failed to maintain equipment properly. Ensuring agricultural pesticide products are properly produced, labeled, and distributed protects workers, the public, and the environment. The company has since corrected the violations.

“Pesticide manufacturers must be registered to produce pesticides, properly label products and ensure pesticide loading areas have proper secondary containment to prevent chemical releases,” said EPA Pacific Southwest Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Director Amy Miller. “Pesticide manufactures that do not comply with federal law will face significant penalties.”

The violations were discovered during a series of inspections conducted by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and EPA at two separate facilities in Rio Oso. Inspectors found that “Vistaspray 440 Spray Oil” and “Roundup PowerMax” were being repackaged and distributed with improper labeling. In addition, inspectors determined that Bear River Supply was producing pesticides in a facility that was not registered with EPA. While at the facilities, inspectors also found that a secondary containment unit and loading pad, both used to contain potential spills, were inadequate.

“Our staff inspect agricultural dealerships throughout California to ensure compliance with federal and state pesticide rules and regulations,” said California Department of Pesticide Regulation Director Val Dolcini. “This settlement underscores the importance of DPR’s partnership with our federal colleagues at EPA to enforce laws that protect public health and the environment.”

Under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), each pesticide manufacturer must register its facility with EPA and annually report its pesticide production. Production records provide information on the quantities of pesticides produced and distributed. In addition, the number assigned to the establishment must appear on the label.

These reports and labeling requirements allow the tracking of pesticide products back to the companies that produce them and are necessary to ensure safe management and distribution of these pesticides. For more information on pesticides, please visit:

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