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Learning Modules and Exams

Learning Modules and Exams - We can feel your excitement!

Learning Modules

The learning modules are presented in a course player and follow a specific outline that can be viewed alongside the presentation.  The program has the ability to be presented in close-caption for those who learn better by reading or would like to follow along with the presentation.  We recommend that you use “ear buds” or headphones to limit distractions while learning.

The courses are intended to be self-paced and you will be required to advance the module by clicking the navigation buttons at the bottom of the player.  It is mandatory that you view every slide in our certificate program modules as the eCampus will not “unlock” the next exercise unless each slide has been viewed.

The presentation itself is comprised of various graphic and text elements that are timed with the instructor’s voice.  Courses may contain learning activities and an occasional quiz.  Quizzes do not count toward your final grade as they are intended to reinforce important topics and gauge comprehension.  If you are performing poorly on the quizzes, you may want to change your learning environment or consider taking more notes.


Our training and certificate programs require students to pass a 25 question randomized exam with a minimum score of 75%.  Exams must be completed within 60 minutes - the use of notes is encouraged.  Students are allowed unlimited exam attempts, however, a new randomized exam will be generated upon each reattempt.

To maximize success we recommend that you read each question and all possible answers carefully.  Student results are monitored by a third-party learning management partner to ensure that questions and content correlate.

Great Experience!

It was a great experience getting certified. The e-learning modules are to the point and include helpful videos. Each one builds on itself so that by the end of the course you have a deep understanding of the material.

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Daryush N., SpaceX
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