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Name: Steve Trinkaus

Hometown: Southbury, Connecticut

Specialty: Low Impact Development

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Trinkaus Engineering

Steve Trinkaus is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Low Impact Development. He has presented on behalf of the Water Resources Agency in Tie chung, Taiwan and has presented two papers this past May at the 2012 ASABE Watershed Technology Conference in Bar E , Italy.
Mr. Trinkaus is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and holds a Bachelor of Science in Forest Management, and is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Connecticut.
He has written LID Design Manuals for several Connecticut communities, AND has designed a variety of LID treatment systems for a multitude of residential and commercial applications.
He has also developed a water quality software application called (A.P.L.E.T.S.) which stands for the Assessment of Pollutant Loads and Evaluation of Treatment Systems. This software easily determines pollutant loads associated with development scenarios and demonstrates the effectiveness of treatment systems.
Steve is chair of the Environmental & Water Resources Institute LID Guidance Document Task Committee and is the primary author of a National Guidance document on adopting LID standards.
Mr. Trinkaus is also the chair of the Environmental & Water Resources Institute Filter Strip and Bioswales Task Committee.

There is a total of 72,288 Causes of Water Impairment, 28,679 of these impairments are caused by construction and construction related activities.

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