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Name: Lisa Haney

Hometown: Orange County, California

Specialty: Construction, Municipal, Industrial

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Senior Environmental Specialist
Orange County Sanitation District
January 2010 – Present (5 years 3 months)

Construction Stormwater Program:

* Review construction plans for Stormwater compliance from design to completion.
* Write the Construction Stormwater Master Specifications
* Client/contractor/designer team coordination
* Compliance review of stormwater plans (SWPPP & SWPCP)
* Quarterly audit/inspection of practices, findings reports, wet weather audits

Industrial On-site Stormwater Program:

* Manage all compliance requirements outlined in NPDES permit pertaining to stormwater for two treatment plants.
* Produce, manage and maintain compliance website through SharePoint software, where all compliance tasks and duties are tracked.
* Provide quarterly agency-wide and contractor training on regulatory updates pertaining to Stormwater, SWPPP preparation and submittals, Risk Level Determinations, Water Balance Calculations, Annual reporting, NOI, NOT, SMARTS, On-site Management Plan, Construction Management Plan, BMP implementation, LID design, and Stormwater inspection.

Endangered Species and Permits Program:

* Working with Army Corps of Engineers, County of Orange, US Fish and Wildlife Service, California State Fish and Game, and Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board to obtain maintenance and emergency permits for OCSD to maintain roadways and sewer lines in the Santa Ana River.
* Provide compliance oversight to ensure all permit obligations are met and provide input on mitigation negotiations.

California State Advisory Committee Member for Sediment Quality Objectives:

* Provide guidance to the State Water Resource Control Board of California for the development of environmental legislation to assess sediment impact zones within bays and estuaries along the coast of California. Served as a POTW representative to the State, update POTW management on status of policy, and write formal comment letters.

Human-induced accelerated erosion can increase the rate of erosion by more than 2,000 times that of natural occurring erosion.

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