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Name: Anna Griggs

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Specialty: Stormwater & Environmental Management

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After 15 years of working as a paralegal, Anna Griggs left the legal world and turned to the corporate facilities field, beginning with Lowe’s Home Improvement. At this position, she was instrumental in the creation and organization of Lowe's Stormwater Planned Management Program. After leaving Lowe’s, she became the National Sales and Operations Manager for all stormwater service projects for a national service provider. Eight years after leaving Lowe’s, Anna joined Hanes Geo as a stormwater product manager, where she managed national product contracts and the distribution of the same over multiple locations. Anna joined Apex Companies in 2016. As the Business Development Manager, she seeks and contracts with other large retailers to manage and maintain their programs. Her current management customers include Lowe’s, Home Depot, Regency Properties, QuikTrip, and more.

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Free Webinar (Apr 4 @ 2p EST): The 5-Steps to Managing a Successful Stormwater Planned Maintenance Program [1-PDH]

This presentation will cover the 5-Steps to Implementing a successful stormwater planned maintenance program at multiple sites across a wide range of regulatory compliance areas.

The information provided will help the attendee understand the concepts and steps behind building a successful planned maintenance program for multiple sites.

The 5-Steps include:
1. Awareness – Regulatory and Public Response
2. Identify – Types of Systems
3. Inventory – Stormwater Assets and Structures
4. Assess – Condition of Systems
5. Implement – Planned Maintenance Program

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Date: April 04, 2019 at 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

"Overall, a good course with applicable content and education for state and federal requirements pertaining to construction sites."

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