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Name: Andrew Demers

Hometown: Allenstown, New Hampshire

Specialty: Learning Administration

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Letter of Introduction is a private occupational trade school located in Meriden, CT. We operate under the direction of the Office of Higher Education.

We offer online certificate programs for Construction Stormwater Management, however, we are currently developing curriculum for Post Construction Maintenance, Municipal, Industrial, and Green Infrastructure.

Our online courses are developed by our team of Instructional Designers using Subject Matter Experts from within the industry.

Our vision for Stormwater ONE is to become a tool for the industry. We have a “collaborative digital infrastructure” designed to facilitate partnership with organizations and individuals alike.

Our expertise is in the design, development, and delivery of educational programs. We partner with the experts to develop our courses and the associations to distribute the education.

Our focus is the administration of our school. We provide the systems required to deliver courses, track learner activity, and measure results. Constant refinement, in the pursuit of excellence, is embedded in the DNA of our organization.

Our mission is to make a positive numeric impact on water quality over the next 20 years.

Next Steps:
As the President of StormwaterONE I would like to know more about your organization and hear your thoughts on how we may better serve your region.

If you are interested in learning more about our abilities, and perhaps how you can help us achieve our mission, we would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.

Respectfully yours,
Andrew Demers
[email protected]

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Great course, the downloadable materials are very helpful and well designed.

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