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WaterWatch PRO

- Save money avoiding unnecessary inspection trips
- Save time eliminating tedious on-line searches for rainfall
- Get reliable NOAA data sent right to your phone

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Rainfall Monitoring Services:
WaterWatch PRO app uses proprietary data collection and analysis techniques based on National Weather Service data.
Hourly rainfall reports visible through the app, monthly reports delivered via email.

Anticipate Rainfall:
In addition to stormwater monitoring, WaterWatch PRO also provides updated precipitation forecasts from the National Weather Service.
This lets you anticipate rainfall in advance. WaterWtach PRO pin-points your location, notifying you when observed rain reaches the limit set for your monitored locations.

Add your team members:
Define team members who can receive notifications, either by text, email or both.

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NOAA Atlas 14 Historic Maximums
The most rainfall in a 1 or 24-hour period over the course of 1 to 1000 years.
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See when rainfall exceeds the NOAA Atlas 14 historic maximum
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