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Program Overview

Learn best practices for preparing construction sites for the impending winter season.  Whether you are preparing for the “rainy season,” sub-zero weather, or erosive desert winds, this presentation will be packed with real-life practical solutions for almost anything mother nature can throw at your stormwater compliance program.

Intended Audience

  • Construction Companies 
  • Land Developers 
  • Landscape Architects 
  • Civil and Environmental Consultants 
  • State and Federal Environmental Agencies 
  • MS4 Coordinators 
  • Project Management Companies 
  • Project Designers 
  • Construction Companies
  • Municipal Stormwater Managers
  • Students

Curriculum: Prepping Construction Stormwater Controls for Winter Weather

Learn from 4 experts from 4 different time zones!


  • Gene Norman – Meteorologist, President WaterWatch Pro 
  • Carl Menconi – Pacific Northwest - StormwaterONE Field Advisor 
  • Scott Olson – Mountain States - Altitude Training Associates, President 
  • Brad Flack – Southern U.S. - Integrity Stormwater, President 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn How To Predict Precipitation Events 
  • Techniques to Survive Winter Extremes 


  1. President of StormwaterONE - Andrew Demers
  2. Weather or Not, Here It Comes - Gene Norman 
  3. The Rainy Season In The Northwest - Carl Menconi
  4. Winter Weather Extremes - Scott Olson
  5. Winter Ain’t Always Cold - Brand Flack

At the Completion of This Program You Will Receive

  • 1 PDH
  • Printable certificate of completion

Due to high erosion rates, construction sites are by far the largest source of sediment that pollutes water resources of the United States.

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