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The Best of the BMPs Summit Program

The Best of the BMPs Summit Program Overview

The title of this course has ‘SUMMIT’ in it because this unique video training course is “almost” equivalent to spending two-days at the acclaimed Best of the BMPs Summit at the world-famous Shasta College Training Facility. Three-years of the Shasta College BMP SUMMITS went into the making of this unique and “only one of its kind course”. 

The use of videos provide the centerpiece for this Course. The method of instruction for the BMP Summits is to provide the theory followed up by hands-on or experiential learning. This course follows the same principles - while the hands-on component of ‘learning’ comes from the interesting and exciting Dirt Time videos. 

By taking this course and completing the follow-up exams with a 75% grade or better, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for 1.0 CEUs.  Guaranteed that this interesting and fast-moving course, with lots of visual elements, will keep you attractive, attentive, and engrossed.  

Intended Audience

  • Engineers and SWPPP developer 
  • Inspector 
  • Regulator 
  • Installer 
  • Project Manager 
  • and/or others  

Curriculum: The Best of the BMPs Summit

The Videos (7 modules/Lectures) plus Introduction) runtime is about 5h:40min. The attendee will have to refer to the Manual and read info from it and the student will need to take the test. We are estimating 8-10 hours are required to take the entire course and complete the testing. The Video runtimes total approximately 4h:45m. The study of reference materials will require another 20% of video time or +2.0 hrs. Test-taking requirements will round the course out to 8 hours = 1.0 CEU


Learning Objectives

The videos will help the professional and inspector have confidence in the principles such as: 

  1. Selecting appropriate and cost-effective BMPs for the site
  2. The hydro-mulch was applied properly (2 directions) and at the specified rate 
  3. The straw mulch was applied at 2-t/ac or only 1-t/ac 
  4. What erosion (raindrop erosion) control BMPs are proven to have > 90% effectiveness. 
  5. What are the ways to provide surface roughening and why is it so important. 
  6. What are the selection criteria for TRMs and factors for establishing grass-lined drainage ways? 

At the Completion of This Program You Will Receive

10 PDHs

Resume' Enhancer (Available on the Credential Validation Page)

Best Course I Have Taken

I have taken many online courses for certifications and this is by far the most informative, and best experienced course I have taken. I would highly recommend courses from StormwaterONE!

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Bailey D., Bryan Builders, LLC
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