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Utah CGP Program

Utah CGP Program Overview

This online course educates professionals about the Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES).

The Utah Construction General Permit covers stormwater and non-stormwater related discharges to waters of the State of Utah from construction sites with a land disturbance area of one acre or more.

Intended Audience

  • Non-regulatory 3rd Party Inspectors
  • Civil Consultants/Students
  • Environmental Consultants/Students

Curriculum: CSR45: Utah General Permit for Storm Water Discharges from Construction Activities (CGP)

UPDES Construction General Permit Number UTRC00000:

The Utah Construction General Permit (CGP) is a general permit that will continue the permit coverage of construction activity for storm water discharges throughout the State of Utah except within Indian country, which is managed and overseen by the EPA.

The Utah Division of Water Quality (DWQ) presently handles most storm water permit coverage by issuing general permits, although it reserves the authority to issue individual permits as needed.

Utah’s program is known as the Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (UPDES). This permit may cover all types and sizes of construction activity. Soil disturbance is described as clearing, grading, or excavating.

  • Utah Administrative Code R317-8-3.9 requires UPDES construction storm water permits for soil disturbances of ONE (1) acre or MORE, including LESS than ONE (1) acre if it is part of a common plan of development or sale (that is MORE than ONE (1) acre).
  • This permit covers discharges from construction activities as defined in Utah Administrative Code (UAC) R317-8-3.9(6)(d)10 (construction activity FIVE (5) acres or more) and R317-8-3.9(6)(e)1 (construction activity ONE (1) to FIVE (5) acres).

The CGP for the UPDES program started with a modified version of the early EPA CGP. From there the Utah CGP has been renewed every FIVE (5) years (as required by the Clean Water Act). This current revision of the Utah CGP is modeled after the 2017 EPA CGP, adapted to Utah climate, business practices, and state program.

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