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Rhode Island The ABCs of BMP Installation Program

The ABCs of BMP Installation Program Overview

This Video Course is intended to provide the SWPPP Practitioner, Inspector, Regulator, Construction Staff and/or others an opportunity to learn and experience what is necessary to install and complete a BMP installation inspection.  Generally speaking, it might take months or years of work in erosion and sediment control for the BMP practitioner, the regulator, or the SWPPP designer to obtain sufficient field experiences to gain a “working knowledge of proper BMP installation”.

Intended Audience

  • SWPPP Practitioner
  • Inspector
  • Regulator
  • Construction Staff 
  • and/or others

Curriculum: The ABCs of BMP Installation

The ABCs of BMP Installation Course features the proper installation (and thereby the inspection benchmarks) of about 15 basic BMPs.  These are the BMPs that really should be built and demonstrated in the field to fully understand the practice. The videos provide the “next best to the real thing” experience.

The Course comes with the free download of the BMP Manual – Best of the BMPs Guidance Manual 5th Edition, which will be referenced during the Course. The ABCs of BMP Installation also includes testing to ensure the Course was completed.  By completing the Course and answering 75% of questions correctly will qualify the attendee to receive a Certificate of Course Completion.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the ABCs of BMP Installation:

  1. The learner will have an opportunity to view over 15 BMPs being installed and thereby gain experiential-based knowledge of ‘best practices’ for proper BMP installation.
  2. The learner will be able to recognize, by visual inspection, the application of straw mulch at the generally prescribed rate of 2T / ac (4,000 kg/ ha) and straw mulch applied at ½ that rate, 1T / ac (2,000 kg/ ha)
  3. The student will be able to recognize, by visual inspection, the hydraulic application of Bonded Fiber Mulch (BFM) at the generally prescribed rate of 4,000# / ac (4000 kg/ ha) and BFM applied at less than standard rates, ½ that rate, 2,000# / ac (2000 kg/ ha).
  4. The student will have an understanding of what application techniques might be employed to ensure the BFM treated slope can achieve the goal of 100% coverage.
  5. The learner will have experience referring to a BMP Manual for gaining additional information with regards to the BMP’s: a.)  Purpose, b.) Construction Specification, and c.) Inspection and Maintenance procedures.

At the Completion of This Program You Will Receive

5 PDHs

Resume' Enhancer (Available on the Credential Validation Page)

Seamless Registration

Course registration was seamless. The online course was easy to navigate and the course materials were easily accessible.

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