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Rhode Island Erosion Control Recert Course

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Erosion is the process by which soil particles are dislodged by water or wind.

This condensed course covers erosion in Rhode Island, and the state-specific course information as to how it occurs; impacts of erosion on the environment and the economy; the factors that affect erosion; information on vegetation establishment; topsoil and fertilizers; mulch and compost; rolled erosion control devices; and surface roughening.

For construction professionals in Rhode Island seeking to reduce and prevent pollution from stormwater, this course is for you as part of our CP213R: QPSWPPP-Refresher - Qualified Preparer of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans Refresher- Rhode Island program.

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Diverting offsite runoff around a disturbed area reduces the amount of stormwater which comes into contact with the exposed soils. If there is less runoff coming in contact with exposed soil, then there will be less erosion of the soil and less stormwater which has to be treated to remove sediment.

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