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Your State Live Session #1 Course

Course Description

Virtual Instructor Led Training: Session 1 

Title: Intro to Stormwater Management 

When: First Tuesday & Third Wednesday of the Month

Where: Go To Meeting Link will be provided upon enrollment

Topics Discussed: 

  1. Class introductions 

    1. Instructor 

    2. Learners 

  2. Communication Protocol 

    1. Instructors email – [email protected]

    2. Technical Support – [email protected] 

  3. Why Stormwater Pollution Prevention 

  4. Overview of Watersheds and Ecosystems 

  5. Intro to concepts within the modules 

    • History of Clean Water Act 

    • Stormwater Practices on Construction Sites 

      • Erosion Control 

      • Sediment Control 

      • Good Housekeeping/Pollution Prevention 

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Highly Recommend for the Advanced or a Beginner

..the instructor was great. Easy to follow along. I had no experience in this field and was very nervous. Got to work at my own pace through the online courses which gave me confidence once I got to the virtual instruction. I recommend to everyone regardless if you are advanced or a beginner in the field.

Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

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