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Pre-treatment Devices and Components

Pre-treatment practices are used to treat runoff prior to entering the permanent best management practice to settle out coarse sediments, slow runoff velocities, and in some cases, provide additional treatment (such as removal of floating debris and oil). This increases overall pollutant removal and reduces the maintenance requirements on permanent treatment practices.

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Rinker Materials (Westfield, MA)

Company Description:
Rinker Materials – Concrete Pipe Division, a QUIKRETE Company, is one of the nation’s largest and leading manufacturers of concrete pipe and related products. [Read More]

StormwateRx (Portland, OR)

Company Description:
StormwateRx LLC (storm water rx) designs, manufactures, installs and maintains stormwater treatment best management practices (BMPs).

Upstream Technologies, Inc. (New Brighton, MN)

Company Description:
Upstream Technologies is a fast-growing stormwater product development company on a mission to keep lakes, rivers, and oceans clean.

Diverting offsite runoff around a disturbed area reduces the amount of stormwater which comes into contact with the exposed soils. If there is less runoff coming in contact with exposed soil, then there will be less erosion of the soil and less stormwater which has to be treated to remove sediment.

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