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Hydrodynamic Separators

Hydrodynamic separators are flow-through
structures with a settling or separation unit to
remove sediments and other pollutants that are
widely used in storm water treatment. No outside
power source is required, because the energy of the
flowing water allows the sediments to efficiently

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AquaShield, Inc. (Chattanooga, TN)

Company Description:
AquaShield™, Inc. brings years of experience in providing treatment solutions for impaired water resources. We manufacture a variety of patented products to address most storm water treatment needs. [Read More]

Modular Wetlands (Oceanside, CA)

Company Description:
Modular Wetland Systems’ products are proven, chosen again and again for the range, versatility, and effectiveness.

Oldcastle Precast, Inc. (Wilsonville, OR)

Company Description:
Oldcastle Precast is the leading manufacturer of precast concrete in the U.S. and what thousands of satisfied customers have come to expect.

Upstream Technologies, Inc. (New Brighton, MN)

Company Description:
Upstream Technologies is a fast-growing stormwater product development company on a mission to keep lakes, rivers, and oceans clean.

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