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Company Description: Everyone is going "CocoNUTS" over the EZinlet filter!
Made of coconut fiber and coated for durability these inlet filters can weather the storm! We offer the EZinlet filter in 27" x 30" pads that come in packs of 10. A simple to use installation kit is included with each filter. The EZinlet filter pads can easily be rolled and secured in order to be used on a curbside inlet allowing the water to drain while keeping you and your construction site compliant.

Stormwater runoff slows as it flows through the EZinlet filter, allowing sediment to drop out. Filtration further reduces sediment load, allowing filtered water to enter the storm sewer system.

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Roll Inlet Filter (1 1/2" thick x 27" wide x 21' long), Install Kits Included

Great Course Development & Full Administrative Support

"Not only have we used StormwaterONE for course development, but they have also been responsible for providing full administrative support for this program... Their organization is highly professional and responsive to our needs. I highly recommend them for any such product development or for the provision of administrative services."

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