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Hanes Geo Components

Company Description: As a division of Leggett & Platt, Hanes benefits from the resources and support of a global, engineered products manufacturer.

Through the acquisition of top companies, Hanes Geo Components has already established itself as a nationwide resource of product knowledge and supply. With Hanes' rapidly expanding network of regional distribution facilities across North America, chances are we have a service and stocking facility near you. Our premier product portfolio includes TerraTex geotextiles which have been of the highest quality for over 25 years. Whatever the specification requirements – AASHTO M288, NTPEP, Corp of Engineers or state DOT – you can be confident that Hanes Geo Components has the best certifiable fabrics in the geotextile industry.

Our experienced sales staff provides years of experience in these markets and our strong customer base coupled with emerging new markets has created a solid platform for growth. With our success largely dependent on how well we partner with our customers, Hanes Geo Components is committed to providing the best products, customer service, and price available anywhere.

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Inlet Pro® Sediment Bags
Inlet Pro® Sediment Bags are an important part of standard Best Management Practices (BMPs) that should always be implemented to reduce surface water pollution from construction stormwater runoff. They are specifically designed to help retain the sediment and debris that can become dislodged and suspended in flows during rain events; utilizing this form of inlet protection can reduce the potential impacts of sedimentation.
ScourStop® Transition Mats
ScourStop® Transition Mats are an engineered, proven, bio-technical alternative to traditional hard-armor systems. ScourStop® Transition Mats are manufactured of a semi-rigid HDPE. When combined with soft-armor soil cover and deep-soil earth anchors, the ScourStop® system mechanically protects soil from severe scour and erosion. The ScourStop® system offers greater protection than vegetation alone or rip rap and is lab-tested and field-proven to protect against considerably higher shear stresses and velocities. ScourStop® Transition Mats provide a permanent, low-maintenance solution with immediate, day-one protection and impact resistance over highly erosive areas such as stormwater outfalls, curb outfalls, overflow structures, drainage channels, levees, and shorelines. ScourStop®
Reno Mattresses
Reno mattresses are similar to gabions; however, they utilize smaller stones and are typically between six and 12 inches in height. Applications include channel linings, steep slopes, and river bank stabilization. Reno mattresses offer outstanding resistance to moving water. Their modularity make them effective erosion control materials. Like gabions, reno mattresses are primarily made of steel wire mesh. Galvanized steel wire is most common, but PVC-coated wire is often used for longer life in water or aggressive environments.
Permeable Pavers
Permeable pavers allow stormwater to percolate directly into the ground, significantly reducing runoff and potentially eliminating the need for costly drainage systems. Soil-filled to support grass growth, the pavers support heavy vehicles such as fire trucks. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, these pavers are a sustainable solution for areas of high traffic that might otherwise be covered with traditional asphalt or concrete. Grass and gravel pavers are available in large, easy-to-handle rolls. Maximum-strength pavers are supplied in 2-foot-square panels.
Hard Armor
Gabions and Reno mattresses offer the strength, durability, permeability and flexibility needed in a constantly changing site, while also creating an aesthetic look and feel to a functional retaining wall, channel lining, or many other engineered applications.
Ground Cover Fabrics
Ground cover fabrics are used to control weeds and prevent soil erosion. Our 3oz woven polypropylene ground cover fabric is extremely durable. Used in commerical nurseries, landscaping weed control, and soil erosion. Now you can enjoy your decorative areas without constant weeding.
Straw Erosion Control Blankets
Straw erosion control blankets are among the many types of rolled erosion control blankets (RECPs) available from Hanes Geo Components. They provide temporary protection for seed and soil from the erosive forces of wind and rain. Agricultural straw fibers are made into a blanket to aid in vegetation establishment of newly seeded, gentle slopes. "Single net straw" blankets, netting stitched to the topside of straw fibers, are cost-effective for many situations. "Double net straw" blankets, netting stitched to both the top and bottom sides of the straw fibers, provide additional protection. The nettings and stitching are typically made from synthetic materials; however, straw blankets are also available with biodegradable nettings and stitching for environmentally sensitive applications.
Filter Socks
Filter socks are tubular sediment control products made from compost or wood chips placed into a sock-like flexible mesh. They are typically used for perimeter control, check dams, or inlet protection. Many Hanes Geo Components branches stock “pre-filled” socks that are coiled on to pallets. They are available in various diameters and lengths.
Orange Barrier Fence
Orange barrier fencing is used for a wide variety of applications including marking construction sites, parking lots, and crowd control. It is great for athletic events, concerts, parties, or general household and garden use. Available in common orange color, or green color for a less intrusive appearance. Fences are UV-treated to resist fading and extend outdoor life and are uniquely constructed for extra strength.

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