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The training programs requires certificate holders to update their credentials every two (2) years. The purpose of this is to provide certificate holders with necessary regulatory and technical updates, as well as re-establsih the concepts, principles and practices that may not be utilized on a daily basis.  

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ESC313: QCIS - Inspectors Recert Program ($319.00)

The Qualified Compliance Inspector of Stormwater (QCIS) certificate program educates individuals to properly implement and inspect Best Management Practices (BMPs), and maintain a construction site for stormwater management compliance.

This program covers the principles and practices of erosion and sediment control as well as the proper reporting and documentation requirements for ensuring compliance under the latest NPDES Construction General Permit.

Professionals who have completed the CCIS certification in years past are eligible to upgrade to the ESC323 QPswppp program below. Those who complete the ESC323 SWPPP Preparers program will receive a dual certificate as a QCIS and a QPswppp.

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ESC323: QPswppp - SWPPP Preparer Recert Program ($439.00)

The Qualified Preparer of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (QPswppp) computer based stormwater certificate program educates individuals to prepare compliant Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs) for construction activities. This program covers the learning and testing materials associated with the ESC320 QCIS inspector's program. Those who complete the ESC323 QPswppp program will also receive a dual certificate as a QCIS, which qualifies individuals to implement, inspect, and maintain construction sites for stormwater management compliance.

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