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The New Wave

Jul 17, 2015

Storm Water Solutions Magazine recognizes the next generation of industry leaders

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The future of the storm water and erosion control industry is bright, and so are the young professionals behind it. These men and women promise to  propel  research  efforts, technology innovations and sustainable practices, leaving their mark for generations to come. Their impressive resumes and dedication to the industry have earned them recognition in the SWS  10th  Anniversary Special Edition.  Expect to  see  and hear more  from  these rising  stars  in the coming years.

Andrew Demers
President, StormwaterONE

Andrew Demers is president of StormwaterONE, an occupational trade school. He has dedicated his life to making a positive impact on water quality. His original focus was in healthcare; however, he made an abrupt  change to storm water when his sister, a civil engineer, taught him about the negative impacts associated with runoff.

As an experienced outdoorsman (he has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and is an avid boater), Demers was moved by the issues associated with storm water and has dedicated his life to delivering the education  required to facilitate change.

Demers founded StormwaterUSA in 2007. He purchased the company in 2012 and rebranded it as StormwaterONE. He has developed an intricate network of both human and technical resources to accomplish his mission: “to make a positive numeric impact on water quality over the next 20 years.”

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