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Funding increases to help Egypt tackle storm water crisis

Nov 18, 2015

To help with the aftermath from heavy rains affecting the North Coast of Egypt, the Ministry of Finance has increased funding to the Holding Company for Water and Wastewater.

The Ministry has increased its allocation to EGP1 billion (US$127.7m) in a bid to strengthen the government’s efforts in resolving what has been called a rainwater crisis by local sources.

Before the finance was increased, the holding company’s budget was set at EGP750 (US$95.8m), according to Daily News Egypt.

The coastal city of Alexandria was struck by torrential rains at the end of October, flooding streets and leading to deaths from electrocution after the water mixed with cables, according to local sources.

The rainfall is known as a yearly climatic phenomenon called El-Maknasa (the sweeper).

In a statement, the Ministry was reported to have said: “The state attaches great importance to the wastewater sector and to the treatment of rainwater, which the coastal governorates suffer from annually.”

Earlier this week an agreement was also made between the African Development Bank (AfDB) and Egypt for a grant of $2.25 million, with $1 million being allocated to help victims from the heavy rains.

Daily News Egypt reported that the grant would be split: the first part used to deliver blankets and food to victims through Alexandria municipalities and second, to provide emergency pumps and cleansing equipment.

AfDB is said to be involved in 35 projects in Egypt.


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