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Custom Course Authoring

StormwaterONE can create custom e-Learning courses from any training format!  Classroom training can be converted to e-Learning.  Video training can be converted to e-Learning.  PowerPoint webinars/presentations can be converted to eLearning.  Any training format can be converted to our e-Learning format which can then be hosted on the StormwaterONE Learning Management System (LMS).

Below is a list of items we will need to bring any training to reality:

  1. PowerPoint file

  2. A Script in the notes section of the PPT or a Video of you presenting (which we would transcribe)

  3. Reference Materials mentioned in your training (forms, field guides, etc.)

The instructional design team creates courses using the industry standard instructional design methodology including the following phases:  Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation which is done at every phase. 

Analysis Process:  Once our instructional design team receives the above items, we can begin the process to analyze the existing course materials.  We will perform a thorough review and hold a kickoff discussion on the scope of the project with any Subject Matter Experts (SME).  After the discussion, we will create and deliver the following:

  • Analysis document confirming Project Scope

  • Learning Objectives

  • Course Outline (chapter by chapter)

Design Process:  The instructional designer will hold a design meeting to discuss media opportunities, formatting, and template design, sequence and structure of the course.  If you provide a video of classroom training, the transcribed files will be used to develop content for each slide of the e-Learning course.  If you provide a PowerPoint file, we can import your file and use any notes you have entered on your slides for the e-Learning slide content.

Development Process:  With the approved outline, objectives, storyboard, and script, the instructional designer will create a captivating and engaging e-Learning course! 

Implementation/Deployment Process:  Once the course has been created, we would place it in the eCampus web-based university and begin to offer it online through our Learning Management System (LMS).  Courses can be delivered in multiple formats, or can be hosted on our platform, or a custom branded platform. 

Testing: Our LMS offers a full-interactive virtual testing facility. We can create exam questions based off of the e-Learning course content or you can provide any existing exam questions that we would review.  The question bank allows multiple choice, true/false and fill-in-the-blank questions.  


Learning Technology

Track YOUR Classroom Training:  Our LMS can also track YOUR classroom training attendance or field training attendance.  We can track attendance based off of a student identification.  Whether your training is a live classroom training, a web-based course, a webinar, or a field demo, our LMS can offer:

  • Student Profile/ID

  • Track Student Progress

  • Provide Reports

  • Offer Training Certificates

  • Peak Performance Program for pre-testing and post-testing (Ask Us!)

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