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Contractors Learn Effective Stormwater Techniques

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A group of contractors gathered in Belgrade Tuesday to learn how to properly avoid contaminating urban waterways while carrying out the job.

Contamination issues are not uncommon during a construction project. Often times, erosion occurs on site, carrying away hazardous sediment from the work area.

Altitude Training Coordinator, Scott Olson said, "Once it leaves the construction site then it can be carried continually down to the receiving waters very important to keep control of the sediment on the construction project."

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality hosted the hands-on training seminar, teaching contractors throughout the Gallatin Valley how to avoid this.

"We use two techniques one for minimizing erosion on… When you get out to the exterior of the project you don't want sediment to leave the sight so a barrier has to be put in place,” said Olson.

The group of contractors was broken into two teams, each of them installing BPM's or best practices to mitigate.

Olson said, "Absolutely critical because one point of failure is the improper installation of the practice, go through a lot of effort to control erosion and sedimentation but the final point is final installation."

Both methods installed did their job and withheld several inches of hazardous water. The city of Bozeman was also on hand Tuesday as they have just launched a new 'Stormwater Department'.

Program Coordinator, Kyle Mehrens said, "We are interested in actually having a local training program developed here in the next few months so taking some notes here as how they do it and they do a great job."

Bozeman's stormwater program is funded by the city's new water utility and aims to educate contractors about the importance of stormwater mitigation during a project.

By Spencer Conlin

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